Sunday 12 January 2014

More UFO dreams

This morning quite early I had yet an other UFO dream. This one was rather short but nice. For some strange reason too, all of these dreams take place just around my house and the near by Town of Woden here in Canberra. There is obviously a reason for that too.

Long story short, I am in the house and my sons had a group of friends staying over. Funny how  in dreams, our house can have a different layout too. My house was a slightly different shape and there was a window and a in spot in the hall where there isn't one. This area had a little window to lookout into my back yard. I was standing at this window in the dream. Folding clothes and putting them in to a chest of drawers (  that I don't even have, lol). Next to me was a young woman, also that I don't know. As we were standing there, I just glanced out of the window and saw a heap of very strange looking aircraft. They were all doing things that defy gravity. Some of these craft were our own government ones, as I pointed out to the young woman next to me. Some were from ET's. I told here they are always around here.  I told here there is a military place near by where these things come from. I didn't like them being so close to the house  and so low overhead for safety.

Suddenly We heard a loud rumble and an aircraft looking like a massive helicopter came down very low, hovering. I knew it from previous visits. This was the same person on board that came with the aide packages months ago. He was very happy to see me and was waving like mad. He had a big smile on his face. We waved back to him, he then started blowing kisses to us. We did like wise. I got a good look inside the "helicopter" or what ever it was. There was more food and other things that he had to hand out. The inside was huge too. Next I saw him slide the door shut. The door was the whole side of the  aircraft. They then lifted straight up and off they went. It was a happy experience for me. I knew that he was a friend and I knew him very well. Now reflecting on this dream, the man could be an aspect of my higher self or a spirit guide. He might even be from off planet, who knows. It is a very strange world that we live in.

What did get my attention was all the different "prototype " aircraft/spaceships that our government had that we don't know about. These aircraft defied the laws of gravity as we know it and things that I saw them do in the sky that we just can not do in our time. These aircraft were enormous too. I am not talking of small 2 seater aircraft here. These things were huge, bigger than a 747.

LOL I sure get some freaky dreams. I liked the fact that I knew the man that waved to us, he was warm and friendly. It was a happy meeting of old friends. I sure hope that I have more follow up on this. When these dreams repeat there is a message that I should be aware of. Being a busy mum in a busy house I don't often get the time to reflect too much.

Try to do that while looking after a house full of humans 5 fur babies indoors and 6 Chooks and a little Guinea Pig outdoors and  water the garden every  day in this heat. That is just for starters in the morning when I jump out of bed. Wahhh! I want to go back to being a kid again!