Friday 20 December 2013

The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert M Place

A few days ago, I got a special treat for myself. My long awaited deck of Robert Place's Tarot cards, The tarot of the sevenfold mysteries, arrived. These are beautiful cards. I saw a set at a friends house and fell in love with them. So now I have my own set from the man himself. I also got a beautiful silk tarot bag from Baba Studio today to keep them in. I just have to break these cards in so that I can share them with my clients.

Many of my clients  just love the unusual cards that I have, most of them are only familiar with the standard Rider Waite tarot cards. But there are thousands of different decks out there. The Rider Waite  cards are the most important deck, but one will be drawn to a deck that resonates with the individual. There is a website  and face book page called tarotaholics, have a look for it and perhaps join them. It is a very big and deep subject to study just on the surface, let alone reading the cards.

I hope that my readers will also be interested in studying the history of Tarot as much as I do. when you get the Tarot bug it is for life. I do hope people take to it with a passion.