Friday 20 December 2013

On Christmas Day in the Morning: by Matthew Delooze

I have in the past, asked people to think about the money they spend at Christmas. People are still not getting the message though. They choses not to know. That is their free will after all. That is where these souls are at, at this point in human history. The thing is, it is not doing anyone any good, to ignore the truth of the matter no matter how painful it is.

People need to waken up to  the fact that were are living in a fabricated world where nothing is what we think it is. It is up to each person to find the spiritual truths within their own soul and to connect with, 'the all that is, and all that ever will be" Our true god, the godhead.

Now is the time to read up on what the ancient Gnostics warned humanity about. The demi urge and the archons, these are the ones that programme reality on this earth. Christmas is all part of this.

We do not need false teachings, we want spiritual truth and fact. But sad to say most of humanity are uninformed and spiritually ignorant. From the Pope right down to peasants, spiritual ignorance is rife on earth. there is no excuse for this, other than people refusing to seek out the truth. If they did, they would never reincarnate here in hell. Yes you read right. this is hell that we live in. Once people understand Cosmic Law and seek the truth, all becomes so simple and easy.

But hey, it is what it is. If people will not open their eyes to God, the one true loving God, then they are only hurting themselves. Do not follow the masses, they are in spiritual slumber and will keep you there too. One must seek the truth ones self and seek within. Do not look to religion to save you. It is a tool of the slave masters.    One must learn and understand cosmic/Spiritual Law to become free and enlightened. Only then is the spirit free. Your body and soul are not permanent, your spirit is. It is important to understand this fact, you can not progress without accepting this fact first.

While on this earth it is vital to educate yourself, in order to be free. So start reading the link above and keep searching for truth. I do see an end to Christmas. People are sick of the spending and the stress. Keep the word stress in mind. It is a negative thought/energy. now think energy in motion, Emotion! This energy is vital to dark beings, so think before you think folks.

Stay safe and stay wise. Blessings to all xx