Wednesday 4 December 2013

Weight loss-obsessed girls eating GMO cotton balls soaked in lemon juice

Weight loss-obsessed girls eating GMO cotton balls soaked in lemon juice

OMG, To do something as stupid as this, these girls are suffering from low self esteem, and little or no self respect. If one wishes to lose weight go vegetarian and eat walnuts and other healthy nuts without going  to all this dangerous stuff. Avocado is great it is not fattening and you still get to look good and healthy girls. Kale is rich in iron and will not put weight on you. It tastes a little like lettuce. Being a vegetarian and a fussy eater, I have only just started eating it myself.

Girls all you have to do is eat vegetarian, but please, Google the health benefits of nuts. Hemp seeds and hemp oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Avoid pasta and white flour (wheat, corn bread etc) . Don't be lazy about this, your body is the temple of your soul. It must be nurtured. Please sign up to Natural News or other good health websites. How much value do you put on your health and your life?

Let me tell you, boys love the bumps and curves that girls have. The don't like to see a girl that has a starved body with out boobs.  Now as boys grow up, they start to notice things like curves an boobies.
Please do not be ashamed to have bumps and curves. Also bear in mind the male of the species brain is hardwired to find bumps and curves very attractive. It is a sign that the female is of good stock to have his baby. The very survival of family is dependent on you, being able to have children, if you should desire to have children.

All that aside, your looks fade very quickly when you get older. It matters what you eat and how much damage the sun has done to your skin, smoking, etc, that will determine how long you keep your good looks. If you starve yourselves you age very quickly and , yes, you might be skinny but. Look at the face in the mirror with all the wrinkles. By the way fat people have few wrinkles.

Girls, please do not look at the glossy magazines, these people are against real, powerful femininity. The sacred feminine is in all of us. It is a special gift from God. Be proud of being a female, loving, nurturing and caring. That is what real men love. They don't care about what your body looks like. Only very immature men look at the skinny androgynous body as attractive. These men are developmentally delayed.  The best advice I can give you is dress pretty, soft and feminine. Wear make up and  perfume if you want to. It is all part of that feminine package that men love. Did you know that men actually seek out females that remind them of their mothers and females look for someone that reminds them of their fathers. It is a well documented fact.

So please girls celebrate being a female and not a she-male. Why would you want to starve and be so skinny that it turns men off? The main stream media is a political tool that gets inside young girls heads to mess with them. I fell for that too in my early 20's but when I got married, I learned darn quick smart that this is a cruel hoax. It is a social engineering programme to divide humanity.

I see many, 30 something women that are single and very unhappy. And do you know why? These ladies all fell for the hype about being skinny working fulltime to be the top of the ladder and suddenly at age 35 they ask me why am I still single, why don't I have a husband?  It is all down to the choices, one thinks they are making. YES, you  read that correctly, the choices that you think you are making. In fact you are not making them at all. All of the decisions that you think you are making to be the best you want to be are actually coming to you via Mainstream Media infiltrating your thoughts. With social programming. This is a very subtle and dark energy. It seeps in without you noticing.
Young girls and young women are very vulnerable to this sort of programming. It is a very evil and subtle form of mind control used by the advertising companies. Our government turn a blind eye to this, but doctors and psychologists don't. The advertising companies are not out to do you any favours, and today with airbrushing and photo shop technology the can make any one look they way they want them to look.

Your body is a very special gift to protect the soul and spirit that dwells within it. Your job is to care for and nurture the body. You are part of the sacred feminine, and God trusted all females with the special gifts of the sacred feminine. To abuse your body goes against cosmic law and the sacred feminine. Every female is a goddess and every male is a god in awakening. The forces of darkness that control this earth are trying hard to destroy this. we must resist this evil and grow strong. Take back that loving and gentle, but powerful right that is yours girls, when you become mothers , it is your duty to pass on the powers of the sacred feminine. Just the same as young men  grow up to pass the message on to their sons. Secret blokes business! Live, Love and be Happy