Sunday 10 November 2013

Breaking the God Spell: or how to avoid the soul trap

Over the past few years, I have been saying to many people, I have no intention of returning to this earth. From the age of 9, I was aware that this was my last incarnation on earth. I knew nothing, about this sort of thing. I didn't know what  reincarnation was. I just happened to be walking to my class room one afternoon after lunch, when this though just popped into my head.  I just accepted it and kept it to myself.

It sat in the back of my mind for decades, only to suddenly resurface in my 40's. I have been thinking about it a lot of late. The so called "enlightened" ones of the world tell me other wise. Who the hell are they to tell me what my higher self or over soul knows. They do not have access to that information, about me. No one but me has that access.

Yesterday after meditating, I heard in a loud male voice saying to me, "breaking the God Spell". That was sweet music to my ears. I was familiar with what this term means. I got on to the Internet to look for stuff, to share with the public. I came across this so far and thought that it might be good to share with you readers.

Let me point out again, to readers of my blog. WE DO NOT HAVE TO REINCARNATE!
Humanity has been lied to for thousands of years. Please do not fall for all of this lies.
You have free will, so do your own research please.

We must study the Universal law to understand what this is all about. The archons that control this planet are well aware of this, and have understood to the letter what they can and can not do. If we were fully educated on universal law we would know what to do, and would not be suffering war, greed, famine and all the misery that we have on this earth. It is up to the individual to educate themselves on this. Do not expect any favours on this earth, as people are way too selfish to help others. The individual and him alone is responsible for his/her own salvation. The Essenes warned humanity about this too. They understood full well what was going on. Read up on the Nag Hammadi scrolls. The bible also speaks of this in rather concealed ways.  So please be educated and not indoctrinated, there is a wide world of difference.