Sunday 17 February 2013

Simon Gipps-Kent - Guest Book

Simon Gipps-Kent - Guest Book

Fans of Simon Gipps-Kent now have a website to look at, all thanks to some wonderful people that had a burning desire to honour his life, his work and his memory. Blessings Love and Light to them for doing a wonderful loving tribute to him. I just pray to God/The Great Spirit that justice will be done to those that caused his suffering and his death.

God bless and keep you safe Simon.


I have been in touch with a very close friend of Simon and united them. It has been many years since they were last in touch. Not through want of trying. Simon is a rather amazing person, I feel he would have made a good psychic, had he chosen to do so. He was the one that made contact with me, and then got his friend to see my blog, and email me. I was able to pass on information to his friend to give both of these people closure. The details of which are to remain private out of respect for Simon, his family and his dear friend. All are now happy and relieved. I do get Simon popping in to talk to me from time to time. He is always happy and cheerful. What an amazing person he is.   He left me with a special message too. One that I will always treasure for ever.

Thank you Simon, you are much loved and will never be forgotten mate.