Sunday, 24 February 2013

Psychic abilities must not be exploited for entertainment of the masses.

There is a lot of media interest in the Psychic phenomenon. Many psychic people are asked if they will take part in public displays of their gifts. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to everyone. These gifts that Spirit has bestowed up on many of us, are NOT for entertainment.

This is nothing but vulgar egotism and a slap in the face to spirit. I myself will NEVER, ever take part in this vulgar display. I am disgusted, but not shocked by the amount of people with this special gift that are more than willing to indulge in this profane form of entertainment. I will not stoop to this level, ever. It sends out the wrong message to the world. It tells society what level of spiritual development these souls are at. Please don't misunderstand me though. Many of these people, are lovely people and are very gifted. They do care about their fellow human beings and nature. That is for sure, so don't ever doubt that.

Sure there is nothing wrong by earning a "reasonable" income from doing readings for people. They are paying for the psychic's time and skill. Many ignorant people in this world think, if you do readings for free then you must not be any good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ever heard of service to humanity, or service to others folks?  The problem with the human race is, they have no respect for each other or for Spirit. Everything must have a monetary value with them. Please also bear in mind the concept of an energy exchange here. We all have to support ourselves too.

The reading is a form of energy, as in spiritual energy/psychic energy, and the human being using these abilities has to use a lot of energy to do these readings. It can be very exhausting especially if the Reader is doing several readings in one day. The client must then respond in kind with their exchange of energy, be that in the form of paying with money or in kind to a similar value. If not, then the balance of energy is out of kilter. All energy must be kept in balance. Think of the laws of quantum physics, or the laws of karma. it is purely energy, as humans are a form of energy just like all living things.

Now getting back to the use and abuse of this gift. I am not telling anyone that they shouldn't go on TV or do Mediumship shows. All that I am saying is there is a moral side to this, and I personally will not take part in public displays  of my abilities or prove them to others.  Why dose one feel the need, to be on display to show off and crave attention and adoration from others? This is the act of the ego and does not come from a place of love, humility and service to others. It should not be an invitation to worship and stroke the ego of some other human being. We all have our own faults and lessons to learn in life too.

Psychic people are no better, nor no worse than anyone else on this earth. The level of spiritual awareness and spiritual values vary greatly from person to person. I am in no way trying to play holier than though. I am far from that mind set. I must confess to being politically incorrect. I laugh at
some things that might offend others. Sure I drop the odd clanger, I am after all only human and no different to any one else.

Just because a psychic person goes on TV or Radio, does not mean that they are the best. It means, they accepted an invitation to do so. I have no desire to be on TV and perform like a monkey. The hosts of these shows are weak willed and egotistical to say the very least. They can be downright patronising and condescending, that I have no time for and absolutely no respect for.  They have no spiritual back ground or spiritual morals, therefor, they should not be hosting these kinds of shows. I have observed the behaviour and do not feel the need to join them. The fact that many psychic clamour to get recognition and get on TV or Radio, tells one something about the individuals themselves.
They are paid very poorly if at all. Publicity is what it is all about.

What ever happened to being humble and in the service to others and service to humanity, the animals and Spirit? The ancients never sought fame and fortune. This is the ego and the influence of Satanic cults grip on modern society. That is a very hard thing for most of us to resist. The pull is a strong one. But I, like my readers must also understand, that this is where these souls are in their understanding and spiritual development. Nothing more and nothing less.

How about a show that is open and willing to do a proper and intelligent interview, that is of service to humanity.
To inform and uplift humanity. To educate them and guide the people on to the right path. To help explain and educate people on spiritual and psychic matters. Now that is much better than having a bunch of people showing off their abilities, to see which psychic is the best, most accurate, most spiritual, most spiritually advanced etc. This sets people up for  failure, ridicule and humiliation. Why on earth would you want to do this to other people? Now TV shows, that pit one psychic against another are just downright nasty. There is nothing to be gained from that, other than hurting others. So WHY??

Let me explain something here. Spirit beings are electrical magnetic energy just like us. TV and Radio stations have a lot of electrical energy too. When a spirit tries to make a connection, it is very difficult to do this in a studio with all that power. Special care is taken in the spirit world. Many spirit beings are needed to give the spirit enough energy to over come the physical world restrictions around them. There is only a small window of opportunity to do this, due to the fact that the earth plane is a  low, heavy dense atmosphere to spirit beings. It depletes much of their energy to come through to us.

The medium to has a lot of hard work to get in the right mind frame to work. They must not be put under any stress or pressure to contact other realms. Otherwise it wont work. This is a fact and the living do not contact the dead, it is the other way around. One cannot just say I am going to contact so and so, it does not work that way ever!

Now, there is also a chain of command that must be followed too. Most importantly the person on this side of life needs to establish if the spirit is who they say they are, at this point too. They do not have the time to do this in the studio. Some times they have to ad lib. Who can blame them?  I have seen it done. It is so unfair on the people involved. All to fluff up the show for entertainment. Some shows are also edited for hits and misses, so what you see on TV is heavily edited to cut out the misses.

If you want to contact a medium, then go to them. Do not do it via TV or Radio. the energy may not be as pure or as good as a private face to face  interaction. If spirit wants to contact you, you will know that, because you will have the urge to go and see someone that can communicate with other realms. Remember though, it is the spirit that chooses to make contact with the living not the other way around.

Please also remember the people on the other side, must not be kept hanging
around the earth plane. It  is not good for them, and they are being held back needlessly from going on further in the spirit world. They feel obligated to hang around loved ones to make sure that they are ok. They should be instead moving on to other duties. So we do them a terrible disservice by keeping them close to us, by not understanding the nature of spirit.

Just think about someone chit chatting to you all day, when you have things that you have to do. Important things. The other person doesn't stop to think that they are using up your very valuable time. They do not mean to, but they are.

We must learn to let go of our loved ones and let them get on with their duties too. Rest assured that our loved ones in spirit do not suffer. It is the earth plane that the suffering is on. And that is illusion, because of the limited way we sometimes think.

Don't waste your time on buying books by famous psychics. They are all much of a much. I have read a few and then chucked them out. They are all very repetitive. They are contracted to write a few books and of a particular word count. So if they don't have much to say the psychic will have to pad it out in order to sell the book. I have been disappointed by reading these books myself. I no longer buy any of them.

You will find free information on the Internet that is better value. Also learn to meditate and connect with your  higher self. Do not get caught up in the illusion of ascended masters and angels ( both are archons). These beings are fake, they are not good for you and will lead you astray. This is nothing more than an evil trick played by some beings on innocent humans. There are no Ascended Masters.

You must research this for yourselves. you will find out the real truth and yes it will shock you. However is it not better to know the truth?
We are here to learn our own spiritual truths, not other peoples. No two people are here to learn the same lesson in the same manner. You will find useful links on my blog.

I would not recommend anything, that I do not believe in myself. If I do later on make a discovery that is not accurate, then I shall inform my readers of my findings and remove any incorrect information, as I have no intention of misleading anyone. I am only here to facilitate your further knowledge. What you do with that information is up to you.

The latest website I offer is that of Mr Wes Penre., check him out on YouTube and Facebook too.

Please read his introduction and follow his instructions accordingly. One thing I do say is keep an open mind and do not accept this as 100% truth. You will never find truth on this earth or perhaps even in this matrix controlled universe.

John Lamb Lash is another important researcher of a high standing with many books to his credit, his book “ Not in his image” is a good introduction to spiritual matters for those that really seek the truth.