Thursday, 6 December 2012

EMILYS List, Are You OK With This? I Am Not.

Take a long hard look at the names of famous people on this list. I am shocked to see so many names here. I doubt if most of them understand what it is really all about. The con is calling this Pro-Choice, which is really nothing more than avoiding using the "abortion " word. It is Feminist/Communist/anti family and anti humanity, just like all the other Rothschild/Rockefeller/Zionist plots.

I also recommend that you learn what agendas 21 of the UN Charter is all about, in a nutshell it is Eugenics. we have all heard of that and of the NWO reducing the world population by two thirds. That is established fact.

This is vile and evil beyond belief. To start with to be a member of this scum, you must be OK with putting a woman and baby through late term abortion. That is the condition of being given the grant for your political career. No if's or Buts. DO YOU KNOW, what it is like to go through the hell of late term abortion and the emotional suffering from there after?

Why don't you ask the poor women that have had the misfortune and suffering that goes with it. To put any human being through late term abortion is disturbing. I know for a fact, that some women are pressured into this situation. No one wants to go through with a late term abortion. Sometimes it has to be done for medical reasons, But not just for the hell of it, pardon the expression.

What is also horrible now in Australia, is making women suffer when going through a miscarriage. They make you go full term with the dead fetus. I know a few women that this has happened to. It almost happened to me 13 years ago. But I stood firm and demanded that the do a D and C on me as I was not going home to pass a foetus into my toilet. Never, ever let the doctor push you out the door like that, Too many things can go wrong, including infection. It is a violation of your rights too.

The evil people pushing all this monstrous crimes against women are Social Engineers, without morals and without one shred of compassion. This is a crime against women. It is a crime against God and Humanity.
Who else but Satanist/Zionist scum would be behind this filth.

Don't get me wrong, it is a woman's right to end a pregnancy if she feels she needs to. It is her business and hers alone. While the new agers misleadingly say, " the spirit world frown upon early term abortions, they are compassionate and do understand". That is untrue, this spirit world don't care one way or the other. The reason being is if you read my other posts is, the "spirit world" it is not what humans have been mislead into thinking it is, supposedly all unicorns, rainbows and harps.  It is a soul trap.

The spiritualists teach, the soul is not permanently seated in to the Human body until the child is 5 years old, I cannot honestly verify this but I have been witness to the teachers or instructors stating this, and told it has to do with  free will. Be that as it may, sometimes the something goes wrong and the soul cannot incarnate, we honestly do not have true and verifiable answers.

But please do not feel guilty if you have to terminate a baby. That soul will go back to spirit for a while and then work out where it goes from there. However it is best to do the termination early and not late term, or the baby will feel pain and distress and so will you I am sorry to say. So be gentle and do not be eaten up with anguish.

Getting back to EMILY'S list, please read up on the cold hard political facts of this and then talk to the women that still suffer from this trauma. Do you care? Do you have the guts to ask them how they feel?

I lost a  baby at 12 weeks and I know the suffering that I had. My mother in-law lost a baby due to medical negligence at full term. That  is something she never got over. By law when a baby is stillborn after 26 weeks the parents have to go through a funeral. In the case of late term abortion, it is up to the parents to decide. Either way, it is so very sad. These women and the unborn babies deserve love and compassion.

I have just seen a photo of an aborted foetus on Facebook today, which prompted me to write this post. This is my 3rd post on EMILY'S LIST, in the past 12  months. I feel very strongly about politicians supporting this for their own selfish political agenda. It is nothing more that sick and evil.

These politicians should be outed  and earn their job the hard way like other MP's. It is a disgrace, and they are the lowest form of men and women, to support such a horrible political agenda as this.

Like I said it is purely political, it has nothing to do with the unfortunate women that are being manipulated, by the forces of evil into making a decision that they regret in the end. These politicians don't even know the women, they do not visit them and offer love and compassion, why wold they? This is the Aussie EMILY's List. Look at the list of names to know what sort of scum you are voting for, Australia.

While I am no fan of Mr Makow, I do agree with some of his articles. Please look through the list of what he has here. This is all factual.