Wednesday, 12 December 2012


If you have children who use mobile phones, then this film is an absolute must see. Professors and doctors outline their experiments, and government standards are described, in such a way that there is no doubts about the dangers of mobile phones.

(This movie would make a great High School study program)

It implies that eight year olds, due to their thinner skull, are less shielded, so when receiving microwaves from a mobile phone, they internally exceed the standards set, for every manufacturer tested.

The documentary states that mobile phone use is probably carcinogenic, and that the effects are likely to take approximately ten years from start of use to brain tumour.

But there's more

Due to the fact that now almost all off us spend our entire lives swathed within fields of electromagnetic transmissions, there is a severe danger to the entire race.

"We don't know what we are storing up - we do not fully understand what we are doing."

How come this film has not been shown on all major TV channels? Is it because the telecoms industry is worth billions?

"Melatonin is made in the pineal gland, and secretes only at night."

I had been told that the pineal gland, driven by the seventh, indigo, chakra, was for communication with spirit, and in watching this film, I discovered that the scientists are so very close to understanding now.

They state that if light is detected, then the pineal gland will not function, and will not secrete melatonin, and our bodies will not receive the necessary nutrients to complete the nightly repair cycle.

They also state that it is not the lack of light as such, but registration of a specific vibration that determines the opening of the pineal switch. I wish I could ask them to experiment with ultra-violet light - I feel sure they would find different results. The baby nitelites must go.

However, my interpretation, inspired by this movie, is that when the body is completely at rest, with no outside interference, then psychic healing takes place, activated by melatonin as a catalyst. No melatonin - no healing.

Free radicals are destroyed by melatonin. This also verifies the reasoning of a wise old monk who said that we should get up when we wake up. The act of getting up sets the melatonin to work again, grabbing up all the free radicals that have been produced by the healing processes, before they have time to do damage.

Today there are one million times more magnetic/electric influences on the body than there were thirty years ago.

The film concludes by saying "We need to open our eyes and see the problem"