Friday, 27 May 2011

Looking like my Mother!

Two nights ago I was sitting watching TV with my husband when, he suddenly looked up at me and said,
"OMG, You look like your Mother".  They never exactly hit it off so to speak.
My Mother has been dead for 12 years by the way. I didn't take it as a complement as you can imagine.

Last night he said to me, "Remember how I said you looked like your Mother, well I figured it  out".
Dreading to hear what he had to say next, I stupidly said "What?"

He then told me he saw her face over the top of mine. That is not unusual for Clairvoyants or any one with the ability to tune into Spirit to do this. It is not the first time it has happened to me either.
I am glad he told me though, lol. I was rather put out by his comment. Plenty jokes will come from that I can assure you.
Getting back to the subject of Spirit though. Sometimes when I am doing readings, involving Mediumship, Spirit will do this. An example of this is, last year on a visit to see my Father for his Birthday, He was surprised to see his Sister's face over mine. I told him that my Mum, Both his parents, and his sister were there to say Happy Birthday to him. Spirit beings are amazing and wonderful.
When it comes to family occasions, you can be sure that your loved ones in the Spirit world will pop in to say hello. It is out of pure unconditional love that they drop in to visit.

Photographs can also capture this phenomenon too by the way. You can google images of spirit photos and get a look at them. Perhaps you have photos at home that contain spirit images or spirit "orbs." These are important photos to prove  to you the love of your loved ones on the other side of the veil of consciousness. They are still the same as you remember them too. Personality etc,  how else would you recognise them otherwise when they contact you. Just know that this love for you is real, pure  and unconditional love is all that matters, everything else is illusion.