Monday, 2 May 2011

EX-RAD The new wonder drug

Funny how this comes into the news just when the Bin Laden crap goes to air. Just hold this thought for a mo. This drug is getting approval as we speak. What are the chances of Big Pharma faking the test results. Like that hasn't been done before lol. Next comes a Nuke from "no where".  The troops will be given this drug as panic sets in. I bet you there are horrible side effects that they don't tell the troops about. How many will die from this or have medical injury. These are young men, kids really.

Then we have the Whitehouse keeping on upping the fear factor.( Enough rope and you guys will hang yourselves).
Now remember also that we have been told of missing nukes from around the world. Hmmm. These things are tightly controlled are they not. So if it did happen, only people on the inside could do it, right.
These nuclear weapons and what other stuff they have hidden over the space of 10 years or more will suddenly appear. It is highly unlikely that any middle eastern thugs would have the ability or even the opportunity to nick any of this stuff let alone know how to use it. We are talking government agents. I won't name any countries in particular, but I am sure you folks can put two and two together and come up with four, right.

This is Humanities worst nightmare in the making. Now we will have the US government putting the fear of Christ into all of us. From a Satanic point of view, fear is a negative energy, that is needed. Harness the power  of this energy and aim it at Humanity along with a blood sacrifice (which means many deaths) this is potent in Black magic or Satanism. They Have no power unless they use both of these factors in conjunction with what ever they (the Forces of Darkness) are going to do. Time is also an important factor and dates.  Think Pagan rituals used in a negative way, May 1st is Beltane just in case you don't know.
I, in no way am putting down Pagans, merely saying to use a similar sort of ritual but in a bad way in order to get the desired result. Most Pagans are good living people that love nature and Humanity.

People need to be aware of what is planned for all of us. Forget our differences of race, religion or whatever. We are "all" children of God, pure and simple as that. These Evil doers are out to kill of as many of us as they can. If you laugh this off now. I can guarantee you won't be for much longer. You DO NOT have a lot of time on your side people, this is all of us fighting  for survival. We will win  the battle against Humanity and God, but the question is how long do you guys want it to take, to waken up to what is going on. Think about the generations to come when they ask "What did  you do to stop this?"

Nostradamus looks right on the money. But he might just be giving us a warning that might be circumvented. I do recommend people going into both Dr Louis Turi and Montague Keen's websites often to keep up on what is happening from a spiritual perspective. It might help to waken some of you from the Satanic slumber over us. 

The latest message from Montague Keen is in today's list of posts. I do urge people to read all of his messages. As for Dr Turi go to his myspace page or his web page

Most importantly do not give away your Civil or Human rights to any one. Do not be taken in by fear mongering. When your rights are gone , they are gone!