Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Keeping a dream Diary or Journal

Lately many people are experiencing vivid dreams. Some may have dreams with deceased loved ones in them others, get all sorts of crazy weird dreams. Others get dreams of things that are going to happen shortly.
I have been having dreams like that from my early teens, maybe even earlier. They happen every night.
I keep a journal to write down what I remember. It is important to write these things down as soon as possible. If we don't we tend to forget them, or only remember fragments of them which is quite annoying when we are trying to recall what happened.

That is why it is important to document our dreams. They are a language, not all spoken word either. There are feelings, the back ground to the dream. Is it day or night, winter, summer. What  feelings are you experiencing in the dream? Colours have a meaning too. Spirit talks this way too by the way. Dreams can be a fun experience. I look forward to my bed time every night. Sometimes when I am lying in bed I see a little white or blue sparkly flicker in my peripheral vision. That is a signal for me to say spirit is present and to pay attention to my dream.

So if you are going through a period of spiritual awakening do expect these things. They are loving guidance from your loved ones in spirit, including your guides. You may like to read up on symbols and Psychology to assist you interpret your dreams. Having said that though, first impressions are usually correct. That is one of the most important rules in spirit communication.
Animals in your dreams are symbols, as are people such as a stranger, a person in uniform etc. I hope you enjoy your dreams and have fun learning the language of your dreams.