Friday, 1 April 2011

Fukushima crisis worsens

On the day this happened I was in my car when the news broke. I started getting visions of the reactor. I saw water leaking underneath a reactor, I felt the quake would cause a meltdown or similar. I came home and told my husband and he said no you are wrong. I put it on my facebook comment to someone who has a background in this area. He said no way.

We just call me Casandra. nobody believed me that day. What do they think now?  When Spirit gives me images in my third eye and the feelings or impressions to go with it, it is real not fantasy. People must trust their gut feelings they are there as a powerful psychic guide, logic has nothing to do with this, nor how intelligent or how well educated one is.  This is a natural function that God gave us at the point of creation.
As we move into 2012 this will get stronger in all of us. The Dark forces  are well aware of this and are working hard to stop us knowing the truth, as the truth sets us free from all the misery of this world. it is the Dark forces that will be running for their lives not us come 2012. They want you to believe that we are all in danger. That is a blatant lie put out to keep Humanity under control. Any Psychic worth their salt can tell you this. The Evil ones feed on our fear, so what we must do is stay up beat and happy and feed love and light to the world and to the Universe/God.

Like Peter Pan find your happy thought and hold on for dear life. We will over come all of this and one day, we can look back at a distant memory and say " Hey remember when...."

Blessings to all