Friday, 1 April 2011

A Feeling Of Foreboding

Over the past couple of days, I have had this horrible gut feeling that something bad is going to happen in America. I feel it is  going to involve many deaths. Something on the scale of the tragedy in Japan. Time will tell. I can't shake this feeling, it is quite upsetting to me.

I decided to post this, as I don't usually post anything when I get a feeling of something going to happen.
Then the darn thing happens. So maybe this might just counter act my get feeling.

I always keep notes in my journal to refer back to if needed. So now I think it is time I put stuff on my blog too. I pray to God that nothing bad happens in America. There is so much suffering in our world already, which is getting worse by the day. We need to focus on happy, loving thoughts to counter act all the bad stuff. Sending love and light to God and the Spirit world each day is a good start for all of us. As it is feeding the energy in a circle back to us on Earth too.

People tend to pray for what they want/need, but tend to forget to send love and light back out to God/the Universe to keep the loving energy going in a circle. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do this, especially at this point in time with all the evil that is going on in our world. By they way Evil is Live spelled backwards. Everything has an opposite, just like Ying and Yang, Light and Dark, Male and Female.

Blessings to all

Copyright by Alex Fulford 1/4/2011