Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Spirit World and Psychic abilities

The mere mention of the Spirit World both frightens and intrigues people. Let me make one thing clear though, there is nothing to fear. Fear is just not understanding this non-physical world. In a modern age there is no need for educated people to hold on to ancient beliefs from Centuries ago. We live in a time of enlightenment. Everything has a rational explanation, even the Spirit world. I have lived with it all my life and have never come to any harm so why would anyone else.

Most of our fears are purely mind based, on old wife's tales, (no disrespect to any old wife that might be reading this). The rule of the Thumb when learning about the spirit world is keep it simple and; don't try to understand everything at once. Compare it to time travel if you like. How would you react to being , suddenly pushed into the next Century. Obviously everything would be different. One thing would stand out though. People are still people, no matter what period of time they live in or what world/ dimension they live in. Some spirits are loving and friendly others are not. They both have the right to exist.

We on the other hand have the right not to communicate with the not so friendly spirits. This is a complicated area for the average person to accept. There are rules and laws which govern the spirit world, just like our world. One needs to be aware of these rules when working with spirit. I must caution you, never mess about with things that you don't understand. This can have disastrous results,  if you don't know what you are doing or have no respect for the spirit beings. Forget about touching the Ouija board. That is a magnet for bad energies. People have had mental break downs from playing with this evil board. Stay right away from it please. The spirits of light do not want us using this device for that reason.

It is all about understanding and perception. Perception is the "big" thing here. Nothing is truly what it seems to be in this world, or any other world for that matter. You only know what you are told from the minute you are born. We are programmed by society to behave and think in a certain way. Who is to say what is correct or incorrect? The masses are not always correct.

We are free to challenge these perceptions nowadays unlike in medieval times. We no longer believe that the world is flat or that animals don't have a soul. We do have the technology to prove both facts nowadays. Getting down to the brass tacks as it were. The spirit world is very real and is all around us. It always has been and always will be. I don't need a Scientist to tell me this as I live with it every day, as do millions  of others around the world.

The Spirit world is made up of many layers or realms. They all work or vibrate on different frequencies. Some levels have a dense heavy frequency some are very high. None of which is visible to the naked eye. However there are many of us that can feel these worlds and see them. We don't use our physical eyes as such but our third eye. The third eye is actually the pineal gland. This gland expands as we progress in our psychic abilities. With the third eye we are able to detect other beings and feel them around us.

You may notice a warm tingling feeling around you when there is a spirit present. That is just the energy that they give off (Vibrations). When you feel this most of the time it is a loved on in spirit standing next to you. They are there because they love you. They are just popping by to say hello.
How many of us meet a person for the first time and either don't like them as they get bad vibes from that person ,or they like them very much even though they are strangers to them. They give off good vibes. That is your psychic perception working there. How many of you get out of bed in the morning and have a bad feeling about the day. You know that feeling of " I don't think its a good day today, something bad is going to happen".

Do you get in to the car or work and feel something is about to happen, and before you know it something has happened. Why do you think that is? It is our early warning system built into us, our psychic senses telling us to be careful. This is there for a good reason and it is important to listen to it. That little nagging voice in the back of your mind is exactly the same. It is telling you to slow down, there is a police car up ahead that will book you for being 20kms over the speed limit. Or you go to the mail box thinking " please God , don't let that be a bill in the mail". Sure enough it happens. Think about it, how did you know? That is a basic psychic experience that 90% of humans experience every day. But getting back to the world of spirit. Forget all that you see on TV. It is pure junk, I never watch this stuff. Talk about dis-information.

Meditation is the best way to tune into the spirit world. Meditation is not only used for de-stressing and relaxing. You are expanding your consciousness when meditating. The mind/brain is infinite and is so for a reason. We only use a small part of the brain but what is the rest of it used for? Not all of it is for physical world communication that's for sure. It is the same deal with our DNA. Scientists did think that some of our DNA is "Junk DNA". They are finding out otherwise now .Nothing is junk or useless in our bodies or minds .Everything has a purpose we just haven't got all the answers yet. All will come in time.

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There is so much more to the world we live in and it is fun to explore. Don't forget the law of attraction. This is quite real, and can be good or bad as it is all controlled by our thoughts and actions. We manifest into our  lives what we think, whether it is negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Remember when that book and DVD The Secret came out and everyone rushed out to buy it. Not many understood it. The reason being it was something that was new to them. They didn't understand it. Just Keep life simple folk's and read a bit at a time when learning about the Metaphysical world. Too much info all at once puts people off, so take it a step at a time.

Just because you can't see spirit doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You go to church and pray to God. How do you know he exists either. Have any of you seen him. Don't write off what you don't understand.  I get offended by people that put  down  what I do, without knowing or understanding what I do. These people usually have a strong Roman Catholic back ground.  They don't want to know about the Spirit world, they don't understand it and are taught to fear it by the Church. Respect is missing from their values and true faith. People with a closed mind do not show respect to others but expect to be respected as their God given right.

Excuse me but didn't the Catholic church murder many innocent men, women and children in the name of God. No truly Spiritual person will ever kill or harm an other living being. We understand the  ramifications of such a violation of Spiritual/God's law. We respect other people's rights to believe in what they want to believe.

A Roman Catholic  lady that I know, laughed in my face and told me that praying to God is not easy.   Gee, why is it that these people, think that they and only they have exclusive rights to God? Why should praying be hard or anything of a spiritual/religious nature be difficult. The church tells them this and it is simply not true. When you pray it is the intention behind the prayer that make the prayer work. It must be for an unselfish purpose, asking for help or advice, praying for someone that is sick etc.
I have never been disappointed by prayer in my life. I can only put that down to me keeping it simple and asking Spirit/God to help someone in their hour of need.

This lady I have known for many years, has never once had a reading from me nor healing, nor Spirit messages. She would be at a loss to explain what is happening.  She is a highly intelligent lady too. I would however like to give her a reading one day, if she asked me. Just to help her open up to the possibility of expanding her spiritual self.  She may not be ready for this in this life time though and that must be respected.

On the other hand I have many clients that are Catholic and are highly intuitive. I tend to have a lot of Nuns, and Priests come through in Spirit. I must say, that  it is a pleasure to talk to them. They have the advantage of being at a higher state of awareness. Again that all depends on the individual soul's level of  advancement.

Each individual is unique and so is Spirit. Remember that please, Not all Clairvoyant /Psychic people are religious or  spiritual. I am a spiritual person, I pray every day to Spirit God. I ground and attune myself. I then put spiritual protection around my house, especially the room that I use for readings and healing.

I put in prayers to Spirit/ God for the clients that will visit me each day. I do not do this to gain Brownie/Girl Guide points or any other reason, other that asking Spirit/ God to watch over them and guide them on their  life's path.

I never pray to Spirit/ God to make me rich, I never ask for anything other than to be a servant of the "light" and to help do what Spirit/ God wants done on our Earth. I am not a person that wants fame or fortune. I am just an ordinary wife and mother. Money has no hold over me. I ask Spirit/ God to help keep me humble before him and to keep me guarded from anything that is not in accordance with serving Humanity and the Animal kingdom.

I am entitled to support my family using my abilities as a Tarot reader and Medium. However I do not accept payment for Healing as I am only a conduit for higher beings that provide the healing. It is not permitted  for me to accept payment for this service. It is Spirit/God's will.

On the subject of Spirit/ God, in the spirit world they call him/her/ "the great unknowable" He is not male nor female. He has no from, so to speak. He is all things and no thing.  Some refer to him as the great spirit, some refer to him as the Cosmic force, among other names. For us poor little Humans on Earth we need something to get our heads around. We for some reason assume that he is an old man. That is why some people in a near death experience say they saw God, and he was an old man. That is just our conditioning. it is a big and long subject to go into on my little blog. You can read up on this in other web sites or in books.

Trust me when I say, when the big day comes and you have to return home to the spirit world. You will know beyond all doubt that it is real. You will be on the other side of the veil of consciousness. There will be no frightening experience. There is nothing to fear. All you will find is pure and gentle love. As for judgement, we are the ones that judge ourselves. Remember to treat yourself with loving kindness.

It is important that people know and understand this. So many people are fearful of the spirit world. Rest assured you have guides that are there to help you. From go to woh, The are assigned to you to help you. No one will harm you. please  believe that. Everything is controlled by our thoughts. What ever you believe in your heart that is what you will manifest on the other side. There are lower levels in spirit. They are ranked in accordance to the level of the souls advancement . kind of like Kindy to University. There are infinite realms and dimensions. You don't need to worry about all that. by the time you have checked in so to speak and are au fait with every thing. Other parts of your spirit- self start to recall other things about who you are, and where you are. Kind of like unlocking  repressed memories. This is a good thing, as it helps the soul on its upward progress.

Most of us are welcomed home by our spouse, parents or grand parents. it is a truly loving experience. So please,  please don't every worry about "going back home".

Our life is all mapped out by ourselves prior to incarnating. We choose what we want to experience, strange but true. We also work out with other spirit beings who will take on the roles of  parents, siblings etc. We have a large soul group to choose from. Then the big event comes. We pass through the veil of consciousness into the physical world. Surprise, surprise we don't remember what has taken place. Unless you are psychic that is. Most psychic people call remember back to early childhood quite vividly. Ranging back to2, 3 or 4 years old. me I can re  call back to age 3.

Quite often babies and young children are seen talking to themselves. With babies the old saying is they are talking to the Angels. The truth is they are still in contact with the spirit world up to the age of 5 or there about. The soul has time to make up its mind if it is going to stay in the physical world or return up to that age. So they have to be in direct contact with their guides.

My brother got a shock years ago. He could hear his baby son babbling away in his cot. He went into the boys bed room. and said "who are you talking to?"  His 2 year old son said "Granny, but not Granny", he then pulled his legs in through the bars of his cot and said " No Sammy don't lick me".

Well, the hairs on my brother's neck stood up. Granny (my mum) died back in September 1999. Two years later  her grand son is chatting to her in his cot. Sammy the little dog that my mum had died in March 1999. Sammy went every where with her.

I have many tales to tell like this so I must get my act together and put them on my blog.
I love to see my spirit family and do so regular. Just in case you worry about you Granny watching you in private moments,  like being in the shower or toilet. They can't see your physical body. All they are doing is feeling the energy that you generate. After all we all are just electro-magnetic energy.

Blessings to all, Keep smiling and having fun. Remember your life is the manifestation of your thoughts.
So enjoy what you create, keep it simple and fun.

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2011