Thursday, 6 January 2011

HAARP and The New Madrid Faultline.

New Madrid Fault Line. a must listen and read comments. Keep an open mind please. A friend of mine  in the UK has told me about Earth tremors in the Lakes District and the North of England. The UK is not on a Fault line.

By the way there are grids all over this planet that are electro magnetic energy. Most churches are built on these lines. The common name of these lines is Ley lines.The ancient pagan religions of the world knew this and built their temples over these energy lines. So along came the Christian Churches and built on top of these temples. They knew exactly what they were doing by this. Humans are also electrical-magnetic, this is what we are using when working with spirit beings as in meduimship Reiki, Spiritual/Psychic healing etc. We are just retuning the energy.