Friday, 21 January 2011

Dr Turi Cosmic Code News Letter

This is from DT's myspace click on it and read it. What he says is true. This man is out to help you. He tells the truth. We create our own reality  by our thoughts. We also attract negative things into our lives by thinking about them constantly. It is the simple law of attraction.

Please, Please listen to me when I say there is no heaven and hell. Our mind created false images so that when we pass on we can end up in a place of our own imagining, but that is only a very rare and temporary state until the individual realises that it's coming from their imagination. I have first hand experience with spirits that are lost in this illusion. They do move on to the light and are quite safe and happy surrounded by love.
Let me point out again. It is very rare for a spirit to get lost, they are just confused.But by no means in any danger (other that in their own thoughts).

Most people when they pass on are met by loved ones and all goes smoothly.  This world will not come to an end. That is God's will. Church leaders are miss informed or deliberately trying to frighten people so that they will remain faithful to the church. All they are after is your money and control of your free will. That is against God and  these individuals will have to compensate many people in their next incarnations.
As I have said in the past we are entering a new age of Spiritual enlightenment in 2012. It will be a slow gradual change over many years. It is natural and the Earth has gone through this cycle many times before.
We are leaving the age of the Kali Yuga (age of darkness) .

Google Kali Yuga or even the ages of the Yuga's to help you understand, everything goes in cycles.  Maybe there will be more war but only for a short time. The new age is still going to come God will not allow anything ti stop that.

What the Church Inc fear, is that they wont get your money to live like kings after the truth comes out.