Thursday, 3 August 2017


NOTE: The original YouTube video has been removed by YT the link I replaced it with is from Wes's own website.  You may have to scroll through Wes's videos to see if he has the exact same one, with the title "They recycle your soul".  I can't find it at present. or may be he has incorporated it into a new video.  March 1st  2021.

This is an very important piece of information. The voice is rather irritating, but please persevere
as this information is very very important. There are some mis-pronounced names but you will get the gist of the message.

These beings do not own us and never have. We are free sovereign and divine beings that were enslaved and had our DNA cut down and Sirian DNA added in order to control us. For that to happen this means the Sirian/Annunaki and their co-horts feared us as the spiritual beings that we really were and still are. Why else would they do this to us?

This planet was visited by many races originally because it is a living library for the whole universe to use peacefully. That was until the Sirian/Annunaki attacked other races that came here to learn and experience this living library.

I have seen the soul bearers and have had the experience of seeing some of these other beings during meditations, dreams or when out of body, and not to forget seeing some in my home as the blue opalescent beings.

These beings will also disguise themselves to avoid showing what they really look like. They adopt the opalescent suit without any distinguishing features or faces. It looks like a hologram of sorts, using technology that is thousands of years ahead of ours.

I have felt their aggression and experienced their anger towards me for trying to help others escape the soul trap, by explaining how it  traps souls.  

They are not really interested in our welfare. It is service to self with these beings.
They want what is good for them, and if in doing so it helps us then that's cool with them.
They are not going out of their way to help us, keep that in mind.

Sad to say that very few people will exit the soul trap, due to lack of awareness and following the usual programme.
 Awakening and learning how to really exit the matrix is done on an individual basis. You cannot make others awaken to the truth. Also there are many disinformation agents out there.

When reading about ET's and spiritual information please avoid those that use the terms " Nu  U"  or "Nu" anything because they are part of the Sirian control system. Some of these people are unaware of this, due to reading the material and become, shall we say hypnotized with it. But the  bigger names spouting this know full well what they are doing.

I can feel the energy of such people and will have nothing to do with them. Some used to be on my personal Facebook page and were removed for keeping posting their disinformation on my page.

I would also avoid the Life Physics Group- California too as they are controlled by these entities as is the Wingmakers website. I came across Wingmakers many years ago  before I knew Wes. It seemed interesting and some of it made sense to me. But the minute I started to look at the art work , it hit me like a bomb.

These guys are not who they say they are and I could feel the very negative energy in the art work. I am very sensitive to images, due to reading photos and objects regularly. This stuff just jumped out at me and it made me feel ill.

Always keep your guard up when researching this stuff. Wes means well and cares about what he is doing, as does Anton Parks. However that does not mean they can not lead us up a blind alley way. They act with the best interests and try to keep everyone updated with the most accurate information to date. I usually sense when something isn't right and I go by that also. Being able to feel the energy of the information and its intention.

I do not feel the need to forgive a being for crimes against humanity, the animals or the planet itself. To me it makes no difference, it is what it is. I just move on. I will not invest my energy into the situation, that is my right.