Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Alex's Card Of The Month, August: The King Of Swords

August sees us blowing away the end of the cold winter in Australia, our minds preoccupied with
a sweeping force asking us to analyze or tackle anything being undertaken at present. Be it buying a house,  a car, borrowing money, legal  advice or whatever. It is important to scrutinize the fine print, check the facts prior to any agreements being signed. If in any doubt do not commit to anything yet, wait  a while and ponder the pros and cons. You will find August will go fast so get ready to embrace changes.

Looking at the symbology in the King of Swords. Notice how big he is compared to his surroundings. Tall and imposing, perhaps protective.  The king is a leader and very wise, he sees how things truly are.
 Above his head  there are butterflies to show his connection to the spirit world, transformation and intuition. There are what appears to be two crescent moons around one of the butterflies. Symbolizing the feminine energies in spiritual power which all humanity are connected to. Over his shoulder there  are two little figures of a man and a woman. Showing the dualistic nature of humanity.

The clouds in the card are to do with thought. His mind is on several things at once. The higher placed cloud refers to spiritual matters and can be seen as a divine message being given to him.
The birds in the card are also messengers form the spirit world usually spirit guides.
In the kings hand is a sword for justice, truth and protection. It is also about wisdom to act fairly , ethically and responsibly. Remember with great power comes responsibility which must never be abused or taken for granted.
So  we can see this month is about acting honestly with the highest integrity and most noble intentions. Should one neglect to heed the advice, then one will be held accountable for the outcome.

Copyright Alex Fulford , August 2017