Sunday 8 April 2012

Misogyny: when is it OK?

This is blatant misogyny, the sort of thing that Muslim men do to females. It is a Human rights violation.
It is against our creator/God. It is any wonder that the Human race is in danger.  For any man to do this it is an insult to all women and girls and must not be tolerated at all. Men like this have no right to be married, have children nor should they be in society as they are clearly a danger to all females.

There is no difference between homophobes bashing up gays, and men that abuse females, just because they are female. This is the primitive thinking and definitely  arrested mental development. People usually get locked up for this behavior and have psychiatric treatment. So why is this tolerated? Clearly there is no respect for anyone female, this dates back to the ancient times when men killed off female Priestesses and then dominated all the religions.

Now we are seeing Pagans turning back to the worship of God and Goddess. As in the duality of all Human beings and life in general. You either stand for what is good and decent or you don't. there is no gray area in this. Man (human) shifts the goal posts to suit his ego.