Friday, 2 September 2011

End of days for MP Gillard

Looks like things are about to spin out of the PM's control. As I said in my Tarot readings she is on her way out. She should bow out now and save herself the humiliation that was dealt to Rudd.

However she will hold on until the bitter end. Which is not wise to do so, however she is only human and the ego does not allow her to quit like that. She will hold her head up high all the way to the bitter end. That is a strong Celtic woman for you.

Her heart will heal in time. as I have said her best years are yet to come. What she, like all of us need is a good doze of self-realization, which is good for the soul. The right person/teacher will come into her life when she moves up north to her new home. She will slowly blossom into a new woman and find true happiness. This teacher is an older man with grey hair, when she meets him she will not like him straight off. She will think he is a " bit  out there" and doesn't want to know about what he has to say. That will change when he tells her something that really blows her away. Then her ears will prick up.  I would not be at all surprised if this man is also a medium.