Sunday, 28 November 2010

Recommended reading for Tarot lovers

For those people out there that love Tarot cards, there are many excellent books worth reading.
There are as most of you will know, many hidden symbols and mystical meanings in the Tarot cards. The most intriguing deck are the Rider Waite Smith, this is the basis of all modern decks, and a must for those that wish to delve deeper into the cards. Psychology plays a major part also. I would recommend getting hold of  "Man and his symbols" by Carl J Jung for the psychology side of the tarot. Books by Mary Greer and Rachel Pollack are very good.

Look for books about the history of Tarot and the mythology behind Tarot. The more you delve into the subject the more addictive it becomes. The colours that are used in Tarot cards are as important as the images themselves. As are the numbers of each card. There is a spiritual vibration attached to each card also.

To a non-psychic person the reading the cards the interpretation of the cards is somewhat different but by no means less effective. It all depends on the purpose for the reading  the cards what sort of result or reading  you get. If the enquirer is after an answer to a question like "Will I get the job that I want?" the results are pretty easy to answer. However if the enquirer asks a deep and meaningful question about a situation in their personal life then, this is where a psychic person can see all sorts of issues going on.

When I am doing a reading there are times when it can be quite funny. Odd quirky little things can come up. I tend to say to my client , I am seeing such and such and the client roars with laughter and say , "Oh my God how did you know that or see that?".   It sure makes for a memorable time for both the client and myself.

So as you can see there are many things that can be done with these wonderful little cards. Many people own several decks of cards as there are so many beautiful Tarot decks around. I have a few, but I only use about 2 decks with my clients.

I have one deck in particular that has shadows and all sorts of wonderful little things that trigger my psychic abilities. The deck is called the Mystic Dreamer's tarot by Barbara Moore. I just love these cards so much. They have a nice feminine feel to them. The colours just speak to me they also match the Aquarian deck which are my standard reading deck.

Choosing a deck of tarot cards is a special experience. They seem to call out to you when you browse the cards in a book shop or metaphysical shop. Let your instincts guide you to the correct deck or decks for you.

Copyright by Alex Fulford