Thursday, 18 November 2010

Love my gardening

Now with the onset of summer, I am thrilled to bits to be back out  spending time in my garden. This is the place that I am the happiest. I just love to be close to nature. I am so grateful to have this deep love for nature and gardening in general. Pottering around plants, propagating things, just getting a kick out of watching something grow.

This year the garden is lush and green. We have come out of a long drought with a happy smile. Everything looks so good. Luckily i only planted things that can take the heat and drought.

Roses, Agapanthus, many types of Lavender, Erigeron daisies. Felicia, Hellebore's, Pelargoniums, Abutilon's, Choisia's, Azalea's and many more.

Once one gets the gardening bug that's it. A  wonderful new life opens up. All of my shrubs are ever-green .
My trees are mostly deciduous , except for a couple. The reason for this decision is, that during winter the garden can look stark and bear. So I opted for shrubs that are around the perimeter of the garden to be evergreen. To help with the look of the garden all year round. Trees make a great shade over the hot summer. Which in a Canberra summer is a must. When winter arrives we need the sunlight. I then get a good supply of natural mulch. Yay!

I wanted to create an old world, rambling garden. It has been an evolution over many years. So now it is taking shape just beautifully. Trial and error along the way. The garden has the most tranquil feel to it and people just enjoy being in my garden. That is always a good sign, isn't it. Hubby is quite glad to let me take over the gardening. It isn't his thing anyway. Lucky for me. The birds and Possum's visit all the time, thankfully nothing has been destroyed by the Possums.

I wish that I had a couple of acres of semi woodland surrounding my house. That would be heaven to me.  It is a big job keeping a garden up to speed, eradicating the weeds. Weeds are my pet hate so many have sprung up over the past 3 weeks thanks to all the rain that we have had. Here is hoping that I get it all back to normal before Christmas. I sure know how to make work for myself, between clients, 5 pets, the family and gardening.  Life is always busy for me. Just as well I might get up to mischief, lol.