Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rest in peace Sparky, our velvet boy.

On 19th May 2010, our beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky was put to sleep. It was a very sad day for our family. Sparky was only 12 years old which is not old per say for a Jack Russell. Poor little Sparky had a heart condition that got progressively worse over the past 2 months. He had been just diagnosed with the condition  two months ago. It happened suddenly, and he just went down hill so quickly in that two months. Sparky was the most loving little dog, so trusting, and a family member. We miss him so much.

Our Vet, Dr Chris Anderson at Wanniassa Hills Vet Clinic has been the most wonderful help and comfort to us in our time of need. I couldn't wish for a better Vet to take care of Sparky and all of our little ones. Chris was amazed at the strength that Sparky had in him right to the end. There was a mutual respect for each other.  Sparky, I must say, never had a days illness in his life up until this Heart condition was diagnosed. 
All of our cats, and our other dog are missing Sparky. They understand what is going on and offer us kisses, when we are sad.
I had the most amazing Spiritual experience at the time of Sparky's passing, But I wont disclose that here as it is a private matter for the family only. The reason I call Sparky my velvet boy, is because his ears are so soft like velvet and I always used to play with them. He didn't seem to mind me playing with his ears. 

Copyright by Alex Fulford 2010