Monday 19 July 2010

The Irish Holocaust

This is something new to me. I had heard of the great potato famine in the 1840's. But today I was just trolling the net, as one does and came across Jim Corr's blog. So I went in and had a look. This story of the Irish needs to come out.

I just pray for a better world for all of us to share in love and peace. Never under estimate the power of prayer. It is very real, keep loving thoughts in your heart when you pray. Never allow a negative thought to enter your mind when praying. This energy is picked up in the spirit world. They understand the power of intention all too well. We create our own reality by the way we think. Negative or positive it  is all Spiritual energy. The Law of attraction is at work here. Like attracts like.

Every prayer is heard,(unlike some people believe). We are all connected to God and that link can never, ever be broken. Do not listen to anyone but yourself on this matter. A minister or priest has no more power than you do. That is a spiritual fact. When people are praying in church, they actually open the crown chakra,
this spiritual energy is amplified as there are many people in the building giving of this energy at the same time. That is a lot of spiritual power right there. The Church leaders are well aware of this fact. That is why it is important to them to keep the people enslaved by their rules. You do not need a priest or minister to act as the go-between, between you and God. We are all part of the Divine. The churches have taken from the people of this world something that they do not have the right to. Self empowerment is something that they fear in the general public.  The reason being they would be out of a job. So you see they have to keep up
with the game. You on the other hand don't, there is nothing they can do unless you give away your sovereign power as a child of the Divine.

There is a reason for the saying "Be careful what you wish for". There is always a price to pay for what we do on this Earth. Don't make it harder for yourself that it needs to be please.

By everyone praying for the truth to come out and asking for God's help good will come out of this. People need to heal from all this suffering. The dead want to have their say too. God created the Psychic abilities in all of us, to help bridge the gap between both worlds. These poor souls are not at rest, they need to have their story told, the truth. This will never heal until the dead are honoured.

Our world leaders both in Church and Politics know that time is running out, that is why things are more
turbulent. As we move into the new age, the spiritual power that God is sending to us will reveal all these evil doers for what they are. Trust me on this.

I wish to say thank you, to all the brave souls out in this world of ours for having the courage to fight for Humanity at this time. Please be aware that there definitely are what we call "Light-workers", thousands of them this very moment praying and channelling the higher spirits to help lift the vibrations on this planet. Negative energy cannot withstand the higher energies that are being channelled to us from the spirit world.
The energy frequency has to be an equal match for the heavier negative energy to continue to work its evil.

By lifting our thoughts and mental attitude to this fact we will overcome the difficulties that we are living with.
This understanding is a slow realisation on an individual basis, as each person makes this connection to the realities of what is happening on Earth. It is not a quick fix for all. But we all have to go through this Spiritual evolution sooner than later. It is the way God has made us.   

 May God bless you all, and keep you safe