Sunday 4 August 2019

Tarot card of the month: August 2019, 5 of Pentacles

Element: Earth, Grounding  
Planet: Mercury, Communication , Wisdom
Zodiac: Leo   which is the fith star sign in the zodiac 

An interesting card of the month this time, the five of Pentacles. Not a good card for some people.
This is an interesting mixed bag for many of us.

In readings this card can show health aspects, relationship or finances. In a health layout it would mean a  slow recovery from illness or injury, but recovery no less. In finances it shows low income, poverty and suffering hardship. This card also signifies pilgrimage which is either  an internal journey of the soul or an actual pilgrimage of some sort, not necessarily religious though.

Relationship wise, rejection, being used like a door mat or on the outer. This also means friendships not just romantic relationships.

The symbols in the card are interesting in their own right starting with the stained glass window of what could be a church.

The design looks very similar to the Cabalah tree of life, there are 5 pentacles and the Roman numeral V for 5 which adds up to ten. 1 and the zero, 1 for primary source (god)  and zero is the force of god/spiritual energy to add more power to the number 1. There are ten sephiroth to the tree of life and thus  two 5's  depicted in the window on the 5 of pentacles add up to 10.

The number five in tarot cards always stands for the human spirit and human being. The head arms and limbs add up to 5 which is the human template. Also 5 toes and 5 fingers on hands and feet not to forget the 5 physical senses.

 At the top corners there is what looks like two castles or houses, stability

This window is part of a church where the couple may have been seeking alms.  They continue on their journey to safety and possible success.

It is winter time in the picture as the couple are walking through snow. Notice the lady is bare foot and the man is only wearing one shoe. His other foot is bandaged, as is his head. He still struggles on with the aid of crutches through the snow. He struggles to catch up to the woman. Why is she not helping him?  Perhaps he is to proud to ask for help.

If you look closer you will see both of them are wearing blue tops, her's is mostly hidden under her warm shawl. Blue is a healing colour and ties in with the throat chakra.

The snow underfoot can be read as purifying or an  isolating influence from others.

For the month of August it may be a difficult time for some people, just have faith in yourself that things will turn out better in the end. Nothing stays the same for ever.

You may have to take matters into your own hands to solve your own problems, do not rely on others. They may not want to help even if they can.

If you have gotten on the wrong side of others this is a time when it will come back to bite you. So you may well be on the outer.

Make careful and sensible choices and do not expect others to bail you out of any trouble that you may have gotten yourself into, especially financially. Do not borrow money if you can avoid it.

For Australia as a whole this could be a slight recession starting to bite, just know it wont last long.
Australia may be taking an unpopular stand on the world stage, however our government must do what it feels is right for Australians first. We should not wade into things that will make people upset, and provoke unwanted repercussions.

Roll on spring time for some cleansing energy, I think we need it.

Blessings to all