Monday 4 September 2017

CARD OF THE MONTH: September, Queen of Cups

September's card is the Queen of Cups, the energy of this card is a sensitive  loving energy. This card corresponds to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
The season is spring time in the southern hemisphere or autumn in the northern hemisphere.
The element is water  and  the Cardinal point is west . The realm is the heart and over all energy is feminine in nature.

As I said this is a sensitive card, it represents a male or female that is intuitive,  loving and gentle. Generally the person loves nature and  family. This person sees all that goes on and feels it also on a psychic level. In a reading this card can sometimes signify the enquirer is a healer or even a medium. Spiritual healing is a form of mediumship too.
As we know September is a transition month going from winter here in the southern hemisphere to spring. The spring equinox falls on 23 September and new life blossoms.
September's card tells us to be ready for change in your life at present. The changes may only be small changes, but change none the less. The changes are necessary changes and should not be feared. One generally feels these changes on a subtle intuitive level. The advice is go with the flow, you know what to do. 

Symbols on the card:
The chalice, This  represents all that is sacred and everybody's spiritual wealth.  The two cherubs on the chalice represents, what is of one's own is holy ( integrity, the protection of one's individuality).
The Throne is for spiritual  openness, the clam shell at the top of the throne represents Venus and the divine feminine/mother, the virgin Mary.
The cherubs, youthful innocence. The  golden crown , male energy is represented by the colour gold, the crown  means victory over death and attainment . Gold also represents the sun
Silver cloak, cloaks are for protection and silver represents  feminine energy, the moon, wisdom, calming, intuition.
Water represents the mind, spirit and consciousness. The blue robe represents watery worlds, blue is also a calming and healing colour.
You will notice the Chalice is the only cup in the suite of cups that is closed.