Saturday 10 September 2016

The Mandela Effect, Wes Penre blog

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Unfortunately those that want to suppress Wes keep sabotaging his work and also many other researchers of note are also being targeted. Some of them are not getting access to YouTube as from 2021

Gosh this is interesting. This morning I was reading something  on Facebook  about the Young Ones tv series, a hidden character is in the first series. The person posting the video mentioned  the Mandela effect. I had not heard of that. Next thing there is a new post by Wes Penre, so I  read that, only to discover the link was broken. So I  thought I will pop on to his website and see if it's  there. It wasn't, so I  just looked at his blog and chat page, lo and behold I  see the Mandela effect, Hmmm. It is interesting so I  thought I  will post the link here for people  to see. Do have a look through his topics for interacting with him and his readers.

Anthon Parks is really worth checking out too, especially if you read French. I know much of his work is being translated into English, I  just keep forgetting  to look at his web site though, lol.

UPDATE: 11/3/2019

I have had a few Mandela effect moments over the years. The first one was the death of Blondie guitarist Chris Stein. He had supposedly died in the 90's due to a serious health condition. I clearly recall seeing it on Australian TV , on the 6 o'clock news. Then suddenly he is alive again go figure.

The next case was Jimmy Nail, the actor and musician who had supposedly died due to an  alcohol related illness, but surprise he is very much alive, which is a good thing of course, I love his comedy. 

I commented about this on Wes's YouTube video recently. I could not recall the name of the other person until late last night as I was going off to sleep. The very funny  Reg Varney is the other person, the comedy actor of " On the buses" TV show. I must admit to being a huge fan of his and the show. 

Reg supposedly passed away from a heart attack in the early 1980's on stage while performing as a pianist. I clearly recall reading this in a newspaper  when I lived in Sydney , and I had told my parents. I must have been about 21 or 22 at the time.

I recall my parents going to see him perform as a professional pianist back in the 70's in Sydney at Kogarah RSL club. According to Wikipedia thought he died at age 92. 

Some people say that these Mandela effects are due to the bleed through of other dimensions and time lines merging with ours, which changes the course of history as we know it.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about dimensions and timelines merging at this point in time. Humanity is as many people are aware, going through  a major paradigm shift., which will also be part of this timeline and dimension merger.

What happens is anyone's guess. It is all down to our collective conscious if we want to create a peaceful  world or not, and more to the point a spiritual one. Having said that, if it is a spiritual one then hard work is still needed to break out of the Matrix, (encryption) we are to a large degree controlled by a encryption within us. Our DNA is programmable, as is every cell in our bodies. Not just our bodily growth, where cells are recycled throughout the body, no they are programmable like our DNA to keep us within the Matrix.

There will be many people will recall particular things in the past, that when viewed now are different. The tell tale sign is you will clearly recall the event and what you were doing in that point of time clearly. Where you were, what you were wearing, who was with you, what was the season, the weather, day or night etc.