Monday, 22 September 2014

Dominos-Pizza Hut in hot water over animal cruelty video.

I had this sent to me a few minutes ago. I found it so disturbing that I could only look for about 2 seconds. Is this what humanity has become? I am horrified at this evil.

I think it is high time, all employees are videoed in the work place when dealing with animals. This is the behaviour of psychopaths. If they can do this to a beautiful animal, think what they could do to a human, especially a child.

Please stop and think about what animals suffer, when you purchase meat or meat by products. These are beautiful sentient beings with feelings and a soul. Humans are not worthy of respect when they  are capable of such evil acts. I just hope that these people will be punished to the full force of the law. But saying that, the laws on animal abuse are no where near adequate to deter this sort of crime. A life is a life, and all life is sacred.  Please share this to shame these individuals. may they soon have Karma biting them on the bum for this evil.