Wednesday 13 August 2014

Back from my Trance Mediumship course

Hi folks, I am back from my Trance Mediumship course. It was very interesting and also a eventful time for me too. I had on hell of an "event" that gave me a hell of a shock when I was there.

I am at this stage a little unsure, if I wish to go down a particular path right now due to my rather spooky happening. Spirit had to show me something and let a particular entity come into my body.
it was most unpleasant and I hope to god that I never have this happen again. Let's just say, at this stage it was a multi dimensional entity. This creep also manifested in my motel room that night too.
I did not sleep very well either due to this.

I did remove this uninvited creep, I am glad to say. This served me as a warning to avoid a particular area of research that I have been looking at. I intend to avoid the research area and focus on where my heart lies instead. That being animals and human spirituality.

I sure don't need to be told twice on this stuff, lol. Point dully noted, so please don't scare the hell out of me like this again. I also do not recommend people channel due to the fact that the "beings" that communicate with us are not what  or who they say they are. During the past few months I have come across many different sources to back up what I am saying. Including things that I have been involved in with friends and so called teachers of spirit communication.

I have walked away from much of what I had taken to be truth. Due to it being exposed as evil and manipulative beings, taking advantage of good people and turning their lives up side down. To witness the pain and suffering involved has left me with a firm mistrust of discarnate beings and some so called spiritual teachers.

Please don't get me wrong here. There are many good teachers of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. But there are some that are misled or misguided. The golden rule is always to check your source of information. When that source is a spirit being, one must be extra cautious. There are many tricksters out there in astral.

Listen to sound advice and leave well alone. I say this in the interests of public safety. Not all "unseen" beings are spirits by the way. Inter dimensional beings are as real as you and me. They just exist in a different time line and dimension.  Some of these beings are downright evil or nasty. They manipulate the well intentioned and naïve amongst us.

You will not be even able to tell the difference between them and a genuine spirit at times. The difference being the Inter-dimensionals are using technology to deceive us.  To understand this I recommend reading up about Archons, John L Lash has plenty to say on the internet and in books on the subject. Also on You Tube. so if you are interested in any of this I strongly suggest you read all of his work. He is very highly respected in this field.

I tend to look out the best of the best to share with my readers. Like I always say. All I do is point out what I find and share it. But I do try to find out who has the best work to share. It narrows your reading down a little. Once you get the hang of the subject matter you will read other things and draw your own conclusions.

 Happy reading peeps.