Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Alex is not available this weekend, 8th Aug to 11th Aug 2014.

Hi Everyone

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will not be available for readings from Friday 8th August 2014 to Monday 11th August 2014.

I will be studying physical mediumship over the weekend. Not normally the sort of mediumship that I am into, but upstairs have got me doing this, lol. I have put off doing this for years, and I have never been too comfortable with physical and trance work. But I just have to man up and deal with it lol.

When upstairs wants us to do something, the bang on until we go, OK I'll do it. Free will huh!
I will let you know how I go when I get back and get back to "normal"......yeh right what's normal for me? A house full of strong willed humans, a strong willed Jack Russell and 4 cats, 6 chooks and a guinea pig, that shouts at me when I go to her deluxe little house.

I am going to be travelling for 5 hours to get to the venue with a pack of other psychics. God I can just imagine what it will be like, LOL. Sure will make for a fun weekend all the same.

And on that note I shall take my leave. Remember don't be good, there is no fun in that!

Life is not meant to be so serious all the time, just enjoy the fun times. You don't have to be goodie goodie all the time. Laugh lots, and hopefully don't pee yourself. :P


Update: 2021. This was not actually spirit that pressed me to do this it was a so called friend telling me that it is important to do this, against my better judgement. She let me down big time and I will never forgive her. I intuitively felt something was wrong about this and; sure enough bad things happened. The friend also let me down badly. We are no longer friends, but this was my first real wake up to her.