Saturday 24 May 2014


Yesterday for some reason I became curious  about rainbows and the hidden meaning of them from a dark perspective. I came across this website. So I thought that I should share it with everyone. I still have more reading to do for my self. But if you are interested then, please enjoy this and it may take you on a deeper journey.

I would like to say be cautious of the contents of this website too. Maitreya is no other than Marduk or Lucifer (see Wes Penre Papers). Not actually a physical person, more like a negative entity. I have no time for New Age crap myself, it smells of soft Marxism/Satanism.

I in no way endorse this website either, I urge caution and an open mind. Trust nothing on this earth these days. We live in a time of false prophets and liars. I myself do not have the answers, none of us do, or else we would not be here. But our very existence and our souls are in danger, I have no doubt about that, speaking from a spiritual perspective. A good honest person is in no danger of losing their soul to evil. It is those that are tempted by the darkness that are at risk.

There is no saviour coming to free us. The individual must do that themselves. It is a journey within the self to find the purity of soul that saves you. There is no second coming of Christ, it is spin put out to cause confusion. You can thank the Vatican and organised religion for the myth or lie about being saved by a supreme being, that never existed in the first place. So many people have been murdered, tortured and have killed in the name of a false prophet for thousands of years, and think that they will be rewarded for this evil. I don't think so folks!

The human ego is so easy to fool. Humans are gullible and have an in built need to please and to be needed. They have been conditioned to think this way from birth. To me Religion and Psychiatry go hand in hand as a mutual con job on humanity. They are both controlled at the very top by the same power elites. A Google search can easily confirm this too. It is not rocket science, just an elaborate con job that has been played out for aeons.

Most people are too lazy to do the research. I am not here to do that work for you either. Just like you, I have to find the truth for myself. Sometimes I am lead up the wrong path. I have no intention of misleading any one. So be your own guide. After all that is why you are on this Earth, to be your own guide. It is not a free ride. To give people an easy way out, is to cast pearls before swine. As the masses will never accept nor appreciate that which they do not work for, such is the nature of humanity. Never stoop, to pick up that which does not belong to you.

So in a nut shell keep on searching for your truth, but don't shove it down other peoples throats, people do not like being told that the are wrong. But by the same token, do not let them do like wise to you either. That is why we have the problems on this earth in the first place, and don't the forces of darkness just love that negativity. They feed on negative energy, they can not exist with out it.

After centuries of Bullshit indoctrination by conventional religion, it is hard to break the shackles of the system, it is encoded into the human psyche. It can be undone, but the individual will have a hard struggle for much of their life to break the God spell. It will shake you to your very core, I know I have been there. I have spent years on the spiritual path, and there too, been led up the garden path, but turned away in disgust. It is no different than the rest of the systems in place, and do you know why? Because the same people control this too. I am a deeply spiritual person, but this is my private business. I am not here to share my beliefs either. Just showing you, simply to find your own belief. We are all connected to primary source or pure spirit. How we do that is our own affair, no one else's. What right have we to tell others what is right or wrong for that individual spirit being. Do not hold a particular symbol as divine, especially a commercialised symbol. The chances are it is of dark origin, like most things on this earth.

I tend to Google search a word , symbol or what ever with  the prefix "Occult/ Satanic/evil  meaning of " or something similar. Sure it takes ages and a lot of reading. How else does one learn, without digging deep? Dig until you have found something and then compare it with other findings.

To end this I wish to say, the Lord in the bible is no other that Lucifer/ Jehovah/Jove etc. He is the God of this planet. Does it surprise you, that many Christians are not aware of that fact? The bible has been written by many people and edited millions of times. So one has to do a lot of research if they are not familiar with this fact. Like I say, research. If you have been sifting through my little blog you will have come across Wes Penre, Cameron Day Micheal Tellinger, Anton Parks, John Lamb Lash, Anthony Peake and Michael Tsarion. Good starting points, but from there you must go backwards in time from Victorian esoteric researchers all the way back to Plato and Socrates etc. Read ancient mythology and ancient history for clues. Time is repeating itself now and those in the know are fully aware of the warning signs. This is not a good time to be on earth. You will either become a slave, body and soul or you will be free, the choice is yours.

Above is an other example of occult meanings of the rainbow, I don't agree with everything on this, but you get the gist, of the point that I am making. Nothing is as innocent as it seems folks. I leave it to you to work it out for yourselves. Keep it simple and honest, and you can not go wrong in life. Do not follow the masses as they will lead you down blind alleys. Do your own research and compare articles that you read with other articles. It is the only way to learn this stuff.

Live honestly, ethically, spiritually, authentically and most importantly live in the moment.