Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tolstoy update

Well Tolstoy did stay in the vet's over night. God, we all missed him so much. I got to pick him up at 10am the next morning. What a shock it was seeing my Angel Cat, so much fur had to be shaved off,
for the surgery. Tolly has a double coat being a Norwegian Forrest cat. The back of him looks like a plucked chook. Poor little man , he is very aware of how he looks.

He has been in a state of shock , after discovering his leg is gone. It was taken from the hip. So this is a learning curve on getting his balance, so that he can move about freely. Yesterday he went to the litterbox all by himself, twice. I had been holding him for him to  do his wee ect. But now he is showing us that he can do it. He is a strong little man.

Last night he wanted to sleep on the bed with mummy and daddy, so I lifted him up onto the bed. he got into a cosy spot and had a good big sleep. This morning he has been purring a lot, so that is a good sign. He is slowly starting to eat too. Just prior to bed time last night he ate some Crab, one of my sons was tucking into Crab, and gave a bit to Tolly. Well Tolly just loved it so, he got more and more, lol.

This morning he ate a little morning tea, just like the other kitties. Daisy, his sister was keeping an eye on his dish. The look on her face was, "hey, you gonna eat that?"  Well Duh! said Tolly.

It is now lunch time and he is still resting on mummy's bed and can watch the birds outside. I think he will be back to normal very soon. All the bleeding has stopped too, which is a good sign.
I shall post news updated on Tolstoy, the Angel Cat as I get time. I am also nursing a sick chicken at present. Every thing happens at once in our family. Usually 3 or 4 things go wrong at  once. That is when I say, "HEY, God cut me some slack will ya?"  What is with the Universe throwing so much at me in one go?