Friday, 6 July 2012

2012 stinks

What a year it has been so far. Everything has been chucked at me so far this year. I am on the verge
of going up stairs with a slipper in hand, and saying enough already!

I don't believe in bad luck what so ever, however the Universe in driving me nuts. First we had to put our dog Gromit to sleep, then we had to clear out my in-laws house due to them moving into high dependency care at the nursing home complex. That has taken so much time, driving up to Sydney and back in one day. Over the space of a few weeks, sorting through all the personal stuff etc. Then on the home front, more private issues kept cropping up. Some quite serious ones at that.

Next  Tolstoy gets his leg amputated last week, and one of our chickens got sick. It was touch and go if she lived or not, she pulled through, thank God. Then the world about us fell apart, my Father-in-Law suddenly passed on early on Monday morning. My husband took ill at the same time. Trying to cope with all of this and other family problems all at once has been pure hell for our household. This is not the first time that we have had multiple things happen though. But gee, I am ready to go up stairs and lay down the law, lol.

My husband went to hospital last night, straight after we drove back to Canberra from Sydney to attend Father-in-Law's funeral. We sat there from just after 7pm until about midnight just waiting for treatment and a bed. The Canberra Hospital staff were flat out, with so many sick people and on short staff, as per usual these days. They did have a look at him when he presented to A & E, but then had to sit and wait his turn. I must say that the staff were wonderful.

They work so hard and in very bad work conditions thanks to the greedy bean counters and a lousy government that couldn't run a bath never mind a government.  The good news is that he is on the mend and after being pumped with fluids and meds, he was sent home this morning at 9.30am and off to bed to have a good sleep.  So now I just need the world around me to slow down a little and give some one else the crap for once. Arrrrgh! We still have 6 more months to go :(

Hang in there peoples, get your cosy blanky and a fave soft toy and buckle in for the next instalment.