Sunday, 28 February 2010

Noetic Science

I expect that many people are reading the new Dan Brown novel. I have just read it. Dan talks about Noetic Science in this book. Like many people I had never heard of this. So like an eager beaver, I "googled" it only to find this website. You can click on it here to learn all about this wonderful subject. Being psychic I don't need proof of the spirit world's existence as I live with it. Many people though are sceptical of the spirit world's existence. Some have a fear of leaving this world, believing that when we die that we just cease to exist. Nothing can be further from the truth. Thanks to these dedicated scientists proof is at hand for those who do not accept the spirit world is real. They have the technology to pick up the energy exchange whilst a healer is giving healing to a patient. They can also measure our bodies electromagnetic field (aura).
Put aside any pre-conceived ideas that you may have and keep an open mind.