Saturday 7 November 2009

The Clair's

Did you know that we don't just 5 physical senses but also  psychic senses. We have a physical body and a metaphysical (spirit) body made up of seven layers as well, so that means we also have a set of non-physical senses too.

There are known as Clair's. Clairvoyance, Claircognisence, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, ClairgustanceClairempathy. There is also Clairtangent, as in scrying and reading from objects, which includes psychometry. 

I have all of these Clairs. My mother had Clairgustance and Clairsentience. Psychic abilities run on both sides of my family. My father is a well known psychic healer. The clairs are a higher energy than just being psychic though the psychic individual may be able to raise their energy to tap into the Clairs. It is generally found that the person with these Clairs already has these abilities from birth, and they will activate when the person is ready or even through a serious situation in their life such as trauma which may cause the kundalini energy to rise suddenly. There can often be a popping sensation in the head at such a time, which some call piercing the veil. This happened to me through a traumatic experience back in 1997 or 98. 

Most people only think of Clairvoyance, which is "clear seeing" using our third eye or crown chakra.
Clairaudient means to hear and receive messages from the spirit world, this can come as a thought or you actually will hear a voice speaking to you from outside your head. When spirit speaks directly to you, it may have a distinct voice inside your head or it can sound like your own voice speaking to you.

Clairgustance also known as Clairalience means to be able to smell things of a spiritual nature, whether it is food, smoke, perfume and especially a rose fragrance which is a divine symbol and is very common when a Clairvoyant or psychic person is newly awakened to their abilities. It is  spirit activating you for your life's calling. However the decision to answer that calling is up to you and you alone. Never feel obligated to use these abilities or be pressured by anyone to use them. It is your decision only.

Clairhambience is to taste om s spiritual level.

Claircognizant (Clear knowing) Knowing when someone is not telling the truth 

Clairsentient means being able to sense  things without seeing them, like a feeling of such and such. Clairtangence is the ability to read objects also known as psychometry and there is scrying using a crystal ball or other things such as a bowl of water, a photograph or other objects that function like a crystal ball.

Sometimes Spirit may be trying to show the medium pain, suffering, loneliness or how  they or someone else is feeling. This can be quite distressing experience to many psychic people, it is best to try and stay as emotionally detached as possible in order  to perform your function in assisting both the deceased and the living that may be seeking your help.

There is also what is known as masking, this is when the deceased persons face comes over the medium's face. I have been known to do this with loved ones in spirit and clients loved ones. I have also witnessed a deceased person on a clients face too. He was able to confirm the description of the description of the person.

The next gift is being a spiritual healer where the power comes through a person acting as a channel to heal someone. In many cases the healer does not touch the physical body. They hold their hands above the body and work on the etheric layers that surround the physical body. I come from a line of spiritual healers on my fathers side of the family and I am a natural born healer as was my father. Neither of us touch the physical body.  

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