Tuesday 7 August 2012

New arrivals at our house

Over the weekend we have had 4 new arrivals. We went to the markets at Hall, NSW on Sunday to buy some chooks. One of our Sussex Lights had died suddenly 2 weeks ago, which was very upsetting for us.
We knew that poor little Sinead was a sickly little girl, not long after we got her though. On the day that I was doing the Psychic fair in Tuggeranong, we woke to find that she had passed in the night.

Just an other sad event that crowned our run of bad luck. She will be missed poor little soul. We now however needed to have more chickens, as it turns out Lydia is a rooster, lol. We will just call him Lyd now. Bronwen was the only female , so we needed to do something and quick.

We now have 3 Highland Reds. I have named them Rhona, Shona and Isla. Today we have been presented with our very first egg from one of our red girls. Bronwen the Sussex Light has not been able to produce one yet, but it is early days still. Sussex Lights only lay spring to autumn.