Wednesday, 8 July 2020

The Sovereign Solution - Dallas Hills (Truth Warrior LIVE)

Yesterday I just happened to say to my husband the Truther stuff seems to be full of BS, These people tell you what to do if you have to go to court or are in trouble with the police. You end up in more trouble when you start spouting all this sovereignty stuff and Straw man BS.

Here in this video that I am listening to today, Dallas Hills says this too and why. Now in my predictions for 2020, I mentioned beware of the Truth Seekers giving false information.

I trust nothing and I am only sharing this only as food for thought. Now Australia has a constitution too but seems to be in the same situation as Canada. both are British Commonwealth nations. 

I am no expert on any of this and do not pretend to be, I am only sharing this, nothing more. But I have no trust or faith in anyone other than myself.