Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Australia ditches iconic kangaroo national logo

NO! Just no, what was  the possible valid reason for changing a perfectly good and well recognised logo world wide and at great cost, in a bloody recession? Wasting $10 million of public money and we the public had no say in this. This came into being last night our time, 30 June, which is the last day of the financial year.

Funny that it was not announced on 1st September as that is national Wattle day. The ninth month is important in numerology because the Wattle is connected to the number 9 and the planet Mars which can represent war, male energy,  aggression, soul enslavement to name a few.

It sure does look like the COVID-19 symbol. Symbols have multi layered meanings depending on who is conveying a message and to whom. 

A symbol to you and I may mean one thing, but to others in the know ( those that created this particular logo) it is entirely different. That is the way symbology has worked for thousands of years.

Gold is a spiritual colour and can be either positive or negative (as do all numbers, colours, planets, star signs etc), generally it is seen as a positive thing and aligning to higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 

The wattle stands for unity and the spirit of the Australian people. The Australian Federal Government is conveying a message here to both Australians and the world. Here we go with the “we are all one / we are all in this together crap. No we are not, neither aligned with these individuals spiritually, morally or ethically. I sure as hell am not and never will be. 

The yellow Wattle (acacia) is symbolising the following message 
Rebirth, regeneration, the sun (think solar cults to be precise solar death cults.. yes they are real think of the murky Egyptian / Babylonian death cults, which are still around today in various forms)
Transcendence, spirit, eternal lifeforce.

When I mention life force or spirit there are two vastly different forms of spiritual transcendence humanity is dealing with when we pass on. One is the false light of Lucifer as can be seen on things that I share on my blog and the other is the higher purer spirituality of Gnosis to take spirited humans home to the pleroma.  So we need to learn the symbols and what they tell us and work out what they really mean and whom do they really serve. 

Yellow as a colour represents joy, happiness, spirituality, life force,  the mind, consciousness, transcendence and as mentioned above rebirth. Think of the Tarot card the Sun. Negatively it can mean cowardice, sickness I would assume this depends on the shade of yellow, the darker a colour the more negative it is. Mental health is also associated with yellow, of course the realm of the mind is also connected to spirit so that makes sense. It is non physical like spirit.

The colour green represents nature of course as well as healing, the heart chakra, growth, renewal, balance, harmony, nature, growth and regrowth, ( very much what the Australian bush does after a bushfire). This year already we have a lot of regrowth that cannot happen unless we have bush fires to sprout new seeds.  
Negatively, jealousy, greed, sickness , finance (money) naievityagain the shade of the colour is important as in negative or positive.  So while there can be negative aspects to the symbology there is good too.

After reading the article in Building Beautiful Souls I myself learned Wattle is used in rituals, spells and funerals. I am well aware that the aboriginal elders use different plants, herbs and trees for different cleansing ceremonies, healing and men's /women's ceremonies.  I have witnessed it both in the physical and in spirit. The spiritual ones blew my mind both at Uluru and here in Canberra. 

I am by no means well read on this subject and I do not have time to delve into all of this, nor do I want to. I tend to not get into anything to do with spells, rituals etc.  People can google this sort of thing for themselves and learn if they are so inclined.  in this article is says Wattle comes from the Teutonic and old English, to weave or interweave, (come together as one if you like as in we are all in it together, we are all one, etc. Think also out side the box it may sound odd, but communism, every one is equal are all one.  But you get the message, lumping humanity in one lump, no individuality. Spirit in new age teaching says we all join up to the godhead. That is Lucifer and not the Pleroma, big difference and not what spirited humanity should be doing at all. This lady has done her homework, I take my hat off to her as her amazing website was one of the first things that popped up when I started looking for meaning of the golden Wattle, which by the way smells lovely but is a highly allergic tree flower. My nextdoor neighbour has one in his yard and I love the sweet fragrance.

Anyway, regards to the new logo, I still feel this was unnecessary, there was nothing wrong with the original one. The colours are still there and so is the colour meanings. Some things just should not be messed with. I notice Malcolm Turnbull is the main one to initiate this change, I take this as his parting dig at Australians. We won't forget this one mate!  

Notice the pyramid (triangle) shape of this logo, Freemasonry symbology just a little reminder of who is controlling the show.  I recall the introduction of the Kangaroo logo back in 1986 and it is one that is easily recognised world wide.