Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Poor little Miss Daisy is sick

It never rains but it pours, poor Miss Daisy our elderly Russian Blue has been sneezing blood.
We have had her at the vet and she has had two weeks worth of antibiotics, and still she keeps sneezing blood. It is not as severe but there is still a very fine mist of pink fresh blood.

I am glad to say there is no tumour or anything like that or it would be a hell of a lot worse. She is now on week three of a new stronger type of antibiotics. Daisy or Empress Mouse-Dolly still has an appetite and even thought she is not a big eater these days she is looking good as she will be 17 years old in September, so she is still sprightly and can hold her own against her little fur sister Miss Ruby and often gives her the rounds of the kitchen when she deserves it.

Daisy can still orbit the house in the small hours of the morning or present herself at my bedroom door early in the morning to insist that mummy gets out of bed and wait on her. We now can stop worrying after this weeks vet check. as Daisy has gained some weight and her blood pressure is back to normal in the past week. Having hyperthyroidism she needs constant checking and her medication has been increased. Sadly she has early stage kidney disease , not that this slows her down at all. She seems to be a robust little girl and bounces back from any ailment. That's not bad considering her advanced age.