Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Three COVID-19 cases emerge in ACT linked to Victoria 

Pffft  we have a compliance plan yeah right. You couldn't run a chook raffle, idiots.

All I can say is I am disgusted. It is time for Andrew Barr, the useless as an arse pocket in a singlet Chief Minister of the ACT and  Chairman Dan Andrews the commy ass-clown that pretends to run the state of victoria to fall on their swords. They are clearly unfit to run their territory and state.

Enough is enough! You are incompetent, you let a communist outfit run roughshod over the good people people of Australia  and cause an new outbreak.  This is a  selfish and evil agenda right here and people are seeing through it. 

We are sick of this  and it is high time all of these leaders,and their sycophants are removed from the stage. The damage or death to human life is unacceptable. Everyone with a brain knows full well that Andrews is a bloody communist nutcase with a dangerous manifesto. But hey, you voted for him lower working class Labor mentality. You have no right to force this on the rest of Australia.

Explain why a communist bloody agenda is more important that stopping a deadly virus!

Explain that to the people in hard lockdown in the middle of Melbourne right now!

Explain why people were allowed so long to get over the border from Victoria, yet again to infect others interstate again in NSW and now the ACT.

Explain why you let infected people into Canberra again!  If people cannot see anagenda being played out then there is something wrong with their heads. This is deliberate it is not accidental.

Explain why 11 people last week flew from Melbourne to Sydney and were not put into quarantine!   and this week, this crap.

Passengers flying from Melbourne to Sydney on a Jetstar flight on Tuesday night were able to disembark without a health screening.

Now watch the bullshit fly!  This is an agenda make no mistake about that.
Also the ANU now wants to bring in more overseas students this month too, WHY? Follow the money trail as usual. Never mind infecting the community when money is at steak. Got to love a compromised government.

Just remember one thing, when the agenda is achieved the ordinary people that naively and trustingly helped in the protests are kicked to the kerb, and the virus spread with them.  How insulting is that when we want a peaceful world and a virus free world. 

Their only purpose was only to make up numbers to rile up society until it gives in and spread the virus. Classic communist tactic. Why don't you speak to people that lived through communism in Europe and other  Communist countries, they can educate you in the cold reality. I know many people that have lived through this and those that fought against Communism. 

The west is being rebuilt as we speak to bring in soft Corporate Marxism into being right now. I hope you enjoy it! 

Remember the right to travel is being messed with here too. No, I am not saying the virus is fake, it is very real and man made. Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Remember the deaths that have happened both in this virus and the prevention of the spread of an other deadly disease, communism. These are both linked make no mistake about that. 

Fear is a very powerful tool, which has been uses on us since time began, but right now world wide this is the biggest fear tool. Just google or check social media platforms to see how many medical experts are speaking out about this virus and also the erosion of our rights at present. When this virus ends there will be a new world as they, the WHO/UN, and the world Cabal keep telling us. Morons have helped spread this disease and fell right into the hands of our incompetent leaders and oppressors. 

 Minister  Hazzard saying a" NEW WORLD ORDER" script is working well folks.