Sunday, 19 July 2020

Back into lock down

Well here we go again. I just found out today from my father that his nursing home is back to hard lock-down for the past few days.They were only allowed visitors four weeks ago and now back in hard lock-down. Thanks to all the selfish bastards that would not follow the rules in Victoria and spread this COVID around Sydney's south west and country areas nearby.

As you know I have been only able to see my dad twice this year, at new year, and then two weeks ago,  now this again. I have no idea as to when I can see him again. I just had a " knowing" this was going to happen before I saw him two weeks ago. 

It is only a matter of time until Canberra gets more COVID cases, as this virus has now been spread from Victoria  to the NSW South coast, which is very popular with Canberrans. It is as they say, SNAFU (situation normal all F**ked up) So it is just siting and waiting for this news to be announced.

Is it my imagination or are people deliberately allowed to slip under the radar or are the authorities that careless? It is just astounding. I do not think we will eradicate this virus at all, because humans are way too unpredictable and will still pass this to others one way or another, not to forget mutating versions as time goes on. I honestly do not think a reliable vaccine will be found, and I sure as hell would not trust anything the government says is safe. They cannot cure the common cold so I don't see them solving this one. 

Let those government officials and those that made the current new vaccine  take it  and then we can see how safe it is. Bet your arse they won't take it.


60 people from Canberra were down the coast, let’s hope they obey the rules and self isolate. There are many immune vulnerable people in the community that will be quite fearful of catching this virus.