Sunday, 12 July 2020

And the COVID 19 Shitstorm continues

Back to homeschool, pass the valium please!

We know it has crossed the border you moron, we have several people in Canberra that are infected, Thanks for the screw up and sending us backwards. 

Yet again a mad rush to get over the border with infections, I have a friend on the border that says it is business as usual with shoppers not social distancing, but it is exactly the same in Canberra. People just won't do as they are told. So lay the smack down on them and give them much higher fines. Get the message through to these people, to toe the line or else!

They are just refusing to obey the law so perhaps they need the jackboot of authority, to make them comply.  I don't have a problem with that, I have a very ill husband with very poor immunity. You spread that virus to him and the bloody gloves are off!

Our leaders seem to be incompetent to follow uniform laws both at federal and state/territory level. People are slipping under the radar and avoiding being tested getting off aircraft or what ever transport they have used. Just take a look through the news on line and you will see this.

No, it is not a bloody hoax that virus is real, and vulnerable people are dying. Yes results have been deliberately muddied for a political agenda. But the virus is real and is mutating.

It is not going to go away, especially if morons do not observe civilised hygiene practices and social distancing. How bloody hard is it to wash yourself, wash hands after going to the toilet? Touching  objects in shops or public places spreads infection. 

Cough into your arm and not on to people or objects. Hand sanitiser is widely available so there is no bloody excuse. There are plenty face masks in the shops too, they are single use only for a reason, so bloody learn how to use them. Home made masks are not effective as bacteria is measured in microns that penetrate home made masks. Google  what the microns are and how a mask actually works.

People are just filthy pigs. I am sick of it and worrying if my husband catches something, my own immune system is not the best either. I am just so sick of selfish people, it is all about them, and no thoughts given to others.    

Now with the schools in  Victoria having to go back to online teaching, this will cause more hardship for families. A parent needs to be home from work to care for the children. That means loss of income again. What about these families paying mortgages or rent? This will cause the families more financial hardship because they won’t be able to keep up loan repayments etc. This is really selfish of those that refuse to obey the law and self isolate when infected. They should be charged by the police and the health department for spreading the virus. 

Sure some people may not know they have the virus, but as is human nature there are selfish people that just don’t care and will deliberately spread this virus. Now just watch the big rush at the borders again by the usual idiots again.

I only got to see my father in his nursing home last Tuesday, I could only get 30 minutes with him, because we had a long interstate drive, and he is exhausted after a few minutes of talking. He had still to have lunch and so we left him to make sure he got his lunch at 12.00 as usual. Then the long drive home. I had not been able to see my dad for months due to the bushfires and then he was in hard lockdown and still is. 
So when this carry on with COVID-19 starting to return to what it was, you can bet your ass that I am angry. I don’t know when I can see my dad again. At almost 84, it is down to luck if he survives all of this bullshit, and I have to make appointments to see him, hoping  that it won’t be canceled. The nursing home are currently debating stopping visiting. 

So yes I am very upset, I have no other family and to lose my dad will be unbearable for me. Not to mention a sick husband that I am trying to keep COVID free and waiting for urgent surgery. A waiting list that we have no idea how long it is and are very aware that many people are awaiting vital and urgent surgery. This is quite a stress on us, and so far it has been six months of a wait. 

UPDATE: It is now found the virus that was detected in Casula in Western Sydney has now been found in Picton in country NSW, this is not far from my father’s nursing home. You bet I am worried.