Tuesday, 28 July 2020

All over bar the shouting 😳

Well yesterday was the day I fInally got that back tooth from hell pulled out. Twilight sedation and all that. I got in the chair and chatted to the dental nurses and cracked the odd joke. In came the dental surgeon, who by the way is as funny as hell. That’s great for putting people at ease because they should forget the fears and be uplifted knowing this guy is good and cares about the patient.

So as we are jabbering away, he put the cannula in my arm and the nurse puts the blood pressure band on my other arm. Next I am wondering when will he yank the tooth out. But Lo and behold, I turn my head to talk to a nurse and she says , you can get up now  and rest in the recovery room.

I said hang on he hasn’t pulled the tooth yet. To my surprise she said , it’s all done.
I was amazed, touching my face and could feel the packing. I smiled and said I was amazed because it was like a blink of an eye.  
So after that it was home to rest and take pain killers, boy when the pain kicked in, it’s pretty bad. I didn’t sleep very well. Over night I kept having to take pain killers every four hours. The good thing is they make me drowsy. I have slept most of today too. Ruby my Jack Russell by my side too. 

The swelling hasn’t really started yet but it will. Hamster meets the godfather 😂😂 So now it’s rest up and plenty liquid, ice cream, jelly and custard. 

I hope to be back to doing readings by Monday next week. Remember I no longer do face to face readings. Just a Phone and Skype. It is all about energy, so I don’t need the person to be present. Which is good for you because you can be relaxed at home in your pyjamas or what ever having a cuppa ( cup of tea or coffee) in cozy comfort 🥳👍

I am kinda old school, regardless of phone or Skype I still get my makeup on and dressed for work as usual.  I hope that all my readers have a great week and take care.

Alex and fur babies