Sunday, 26 July 2020

Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist Movement?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Is the pope a catholic?  Typically the employment of gullible people to push the agenda. Then kick them to the kerb when the object of the exercise is complete. 

People react first, then  think after the fact and this is something these individuals are very aware of and take advantage of for their agenda. It’s so easy to manipulate the gullible. Yes people are hopping on line now to read more and become better informed, but more people need to be doing so, to help stop this movement in its tracks.

I am all for helping those in need regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. All  those in need, need a hand up, should be part of every culture,  in order to have a better world.  But being used by the hands of evil, hell no! 

I also find this organization  offensive to intelligent people regardless of their racial background. I commend African Americans that have called them out for the trouble makers they are. Look at the horrible things that happened in the US burning, killing, looting and generally acting like animals. This leads to the wilful destruction of society, which is a common communist trick. Communism is a disease of the soul and needs to be stopped. 

I would not call my self politically aware, but I know bullshit when I smell it. People are entitled to know the full background of all of these people, that are  running this organisation and who their controllers are, there is no bloody way they don’t have a controller or handler. Yes there is video evidence of these people admitting to being trained Marxists, but no where will they say so on BLM  social media, why is that I wonder?  That is dishonest and withholding important and relevant information from the masses that they want to gain influence over.  

This article in the link has links for further information, if you are interested in doing further reading. Also click on the blue highlighted words in the body of the article.