Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Tarot card of the month: Three of swords , August 2020

Betrayal, Heartbreak, deception, loneliness  

Three of swords is not a happy little card and it indicates things are not going well. Gee there is a surprise....not! We are not sitting in a good position at present and it is looking to get worse.

Many people are aware that things in the world are not as we are being told. This card highlights that and much more. It looks like the wool is pulled down further over our eyes as time goes on. This is clearly not a good sign. It is for want of a better term, blind comfort to some that choose not to see what is happening around them. This can be on a personal level and well as on a world wide level.

I am intending this as a world wide issue though.  Reality is hitting home to many but so is anger and fear of the unknown. People do not know who to trust or who to turn to. This is due to the lies and manipulation of fats in the political world and how it flows on to the population in issues such as COVID 19, BLM, Unemployment,  the financial situation world wide and its flow on effect to the ordinary person trying to find work, pay bills, rent or mortgage etc.

We have the outright deception of world leaders and the US election looming which generated more lies and deception from both sides. We have the Epstein case  that is causing more smokescreens and deception. 

In between this are the ordinary people struggling to survive, the vulnerable and the poor, disabled the homeless etc. Their world is a frightening place and they see no hope in sight. One must be realistic here and not sugar coast any of this, because there is a message here for all of humanity. All is NOT right and never was. It is now coming to light and we are in a very bad situation that is only going to get worse from here on in.

This was allowed to happen, this is not accidental, none of this needed to happen. It was made to happen. This affects every person on the planet one way or an other.

now looking at the number three, that is an important number in numerology and for humanity on a spiritual level. Three stands for  idealism, higher education,foreign travel, mind, body & spirit  Trinity, expansion and movement It vibrates to the planet Jupiter.

Now as we can see COVID 19 has affected Education, especially higher education and overseas students , movement (travel to and from work, visiting people,/family overseas travel, transport import export etc.)

The three of swords covers the Autumn/fall in the Northern hemisphere    and Spring in the Southern hemisphere. The Three of swords covers 3 October to 12 October, so expect news then as the weather changes. I do not get a very good feeling with this. I feel a build up of tension in the Northern hemisphere and anger. That may be due to the US elections getting closer and nasty things will be happening in the media and in the streets. My advice is keep right away from it.

This seems like a game changer event so anything can happen. I get the feeling of violence erupting again and feel it comes from the Democrat team to sway the voters. Voters will not be swayed by anyone, they know who they want as president. I do feel Trump needs to boost his security with the lead up to the election day. He must not play it cool and brave or he may be in for a nasty shock.

He thinks he knows the score but he doesn't, I do feel there is a strong element of danger too his person and staff. He must beef up security, I would start it now if I were him.

I see Australians being rather worried about money, job security and when this COVID is going to go away. That virus is not going to go away. I feel it will just be lurking around and from time to time people will become infected just like the flu season. We just have to live with it.

People in Australia seem to have a different mood than the Northern hemisphere people, perhaps it is because we have more sunshine but they seem to give off a different vibe.

August though will be chilly in Australia as we hit the last month of winter and people will be glad when spring comes. on the other side of the planet that spells gloom. Winter is about to start and people head back indoors shortly. I feel a last minute of frolicking in the sun will be a must for many people. England especially, they really crave the warmth and sunshine as many do not get enough sunshine, which is not good for the human body.

Watch out for Boris Johnson making some flabbergasting statements. The public either laugh and think, " is he for real" or they become very angry, depending on the comments he makes.  One thing is for sure, he comes from the same gene pool as Trump, Oh dear!