Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Cultural Revolution U.S.A. - Matt Presti (Truth Warrior LIVE)

I watched this as it came out and it just confirmed what I already knew. 

Listen right here at the 47.02 mins, right here she says  Alicia Garza and herself are trained organizers and TRAINED MARXISTS!!

Now you tell me that you have not been used as useful idiots.
How the hell is this helping the good people of America, black and white? I am horrified at the loss of life over there.
No human being should live that way or be murdered. It's not ok, full stop. It is not ok to destroy property either.

Communism will take over in the long run unless there is a war to prevent it. But I feel the game was lost from the get go. It makes no difference who you vote for. Democracy yeah right. So how is it working for you all? Vote Democrat get communism, vote Republican get softer version. Same poop different shovel. 

I still do not trust anyone full stop. There are truths, half truths etc everywhere, and especially in the truth movement and older people have lived through many events to remember the real facts to fall for much of the BS. Trust no one is the golden rule. This video will be removed soon because of what she said. I was on Wikipedia last week and  went back on it just now and they have edited Alicia Garza"s page. It did say she was a Marxist last week up in the top paragraph. I should have taken a screenshot. No doubt others will have a screenshot of it. But here it is straight from her own mouth. Let's face it, Wikipedia is well known as being unreliable and often edited by randoms. Wikipedia is like hear say, not worth the paper it is written on/

She has nothing in common with ordinary people. How dare she come out and play wicked games with people's lives, she won't pack up and live in a communist country of course not, don't be stupid. Communists do not want equality, they dictate and destroy cultures and societies to fit their agenda. 

They will dictate to us from their entitled ivory towers like Stalin did.
Did you ever look into his assets? Rolls Royces and all the best cars in the world and he had several several of them. How does that work when the masses are starving?? 

Oh Communism... such a generous concept ....not.  Ask the Uighurs in China what it's like. More to the point ask Alicia what she thinks about that and all the communist crimes against humanity. A  bullet in the head for us, that don't work until we drop. I have met a few communists and their sympathisers in the past few years. Rabid and so proud of themselves and they do not give a damn about anything but the core values. It is like a disease of the soul. They can only repeat the official narrative and nothing else, but then why the hell would you stand and listen to the crap coming out of their stupid mouths?

But funnily enough they wont live in a communist country either, funny that. Cowards that delight in the suffering of others for the cause but don't have the balls to live under the jack boot themselves. Liars and cowards the lot of them and an unbalanced mindset that is drummed into them (Veganism anyone 😂). Universities are the training grounds for young minds to be programmed or more to the point deprogrammed.

What about forced abortions for women and sometimes at gunpoint, let that sink in when you think of communism. Back in the 1980's I watched documentaries from Russia on women of all ages having forced abortions. Some as many as 13 abortions. Just imagine what that does to a woman's body.  Not to mention no state of the art medical facilities like in the US or the western world. China  still has a forced abortion policy to remember, you ok with that?

 Even today Russia is not up to our level in hospital care, and that is evident from the horror stories from early COVID 19 cases in Russia when people were escaping from hospital, oh and even though they say they are no longer communist, why are doctors in the middle of a meeting with staff suddenly flying out of windows to their deaths?  Freedom of speech?? 

Just read Russian,  Eastern European, Chinese, Vietnamese, South American  or African history. Right now China is in Africa, they ain't leaving and the Chinese are on record through this COVID 19 with abuse of black people in China, remember that on tv a few weeks back?. Do You think African lives matter? Hell Yes , but not to a communist.

" All animals are equal, but some animals are more that equal than others". Orwell.  NON Violent?? What the hell did I see happening on my tv screen then?

This is distressing and just reminds me again of why I prefer my fur babies over humans, there is nothing as dangerous as a human that does not live peacefully and inflicts harm and abuse on others.

This world is in a shocking state, but it was allowed to get this way, we the public have an obligation to hold our leaders accountable and also, people that break the law must be held accountable too. 

I don't care who you are, living a violent life should not be tolerated. We should not make excuses for anyone acting violently towards others or violating other people's civil liberties and freedom. 

Stop the excuses!! Stop the blame game! Stop using race as an excuse! Every life matters, human and non human. Don't blame your family hardship  and low education for that. My parents and grandparents generation left school at age 12 to 14 on average.     

They worked hard. No one gave them anything for free. The men were drafted into the services too, up until 1956, it was hard but they did it.They were children during the Great Depression and WW2. They did not stoop to gutter level or make piss weak excuses for violently attacking innocent people in the street.

The UK and Australia were still on rations up until then too. Australia was still in great difficulty as a small nation and life here only got better in the 1970's I know, because I came over from Scotland then to what seemed two or three decades behind what we had up until then, in living standards and in the workplace and work conditions for the people with shocking  work conditions the unions were not very well organised at that stage to protect the workers either. Life was bloody tough.

People were better behaved and had respect back then. They knew that value of life and millions of them had lost parents, siblings and grand parents through war, illness, poverty and starvation. but they did not act like bloody animals with a sense of entitlement. BUT HEY, it is pay back and we are now going to see how you whiney bitches cope with a real Depression and man up. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Already we see the brats in the streets knifing each other and destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol. But blame it on others, no one put a gun to their thick heads and made them commit crimes, that was a free will ego trip that did that. The spirit world keeps track of all of that too, Ahashic records for the dummies :P

You will be under the jack boot of communism soon enough, and you will have no right to speak out, no right to protest, no right to anything.  Oh, that just sounds so sweet to my ears. I just love to see a leftie idiot scream and whine and play victim.  Oh yeah!