Monday, 13 July 2020

Wes Penre: VIDEO 228: Q&A SESSION #54

I do not accept the crap called Indigo, crystal and rainbow children. I used to believe in Indigo children many years ago, but only from reading stupid new age books and the spiritual community.  Just think of the fortune rolling in from these books, Ka-Ching. Everybody starts to hang on every word from so called experts, that have no spirituality at all, no they are experts on marketing a product. This I find sickening and unacceptable.

I realised, as I read up on it more, it was all rubbish.  Not to mention the " wanna be" parents, tag their children as these so called special children, most of them are spoiled little brats with self important parents with an ego screaming out, look at me.

I accept very little in so called spiritual teachings as most of it is made up, to serve an agenda, and to make money, enslave people to a way of thinking.

My spirituality is not for others, it is my personal beliefs only. I do not mix with others these days, for one simple reason. I find humanity is going insane and unpredictably violent.

I also do not accept the so called seven heavens, they are part of an evil construct that still enslave all beings. Not just that we have absolutely no proof that spiritually awakened humans that have come here  from higher realities do not have their minds erased and reprogrammed, like the rest of us here. Trusting anyone that tells you they are an awakened soul is like trusting a used car salesman. A being put into our dimension still has an ego, as do the beings all the way up to the pleroma, otherwise they would not be creators.

I have no desire to be a creator of other lives, what the hell right do I or anyone else have to do this? Not to mention the created beings going through suffering. I will not participate in such a thing. I would rather be destroyed, of my own volition.

How do we really know if Sophia can be trusted?  From what I have read, she may be an imperfect being herself, and possesses an ego. Is it not an ego that caused her to create without her so called consort?

How do we know she is not insane like her evil and imperfect son; the demiurge? We only have the word of  long departed people, that cannot prove one way or the other, any of what is written in ancient texts. For example just take a look at how often the bible was rewritten and information removed. Up to the king James version, and he called the shots on his spin on things. Thanks but no thanks, I will rely on my own soul and spirit to guide me, I need no other "expert Gnostic"  or any other human or non physical being telling me anything.

I can only say the benefit of knowing about the soul trap and the entire matrix control system is the only thing that was  important and unknown information to me. But from early childhood; I was aware this is my last time here and have stuck to that intention all my life, just from a clairsentient or claircognisant level alone.

Keep it simple, keep it honest and listen to my soul and spirit, is my own personal rule to live by. I do not trust the Orion or 8th and 9th realms thanks. I feel they are not what we think they are. It pays to be very wary and cautious in these things, listen to your own intuition.  As Wes says, do not just take his word for truth either. 

I would never have the audacity to claim that I am an expert on anything. I can only say I am aware of something, or that I have experienced something. Nothing more and I try to be very careful with what I say. I am not perfect, but I try to live a peaceful and honest life.

Merging with Sophia, it makes me wonder; if all human thoughts were to merge with Sophia, would this make her mind be affected due to all our trauma? Billions of minds absorbed into one.

I have to sit on the fence on merging with Sophia, only in spirit can I understand, but there, how long that takes for this knowledge to return is the big question. I am  rather concerned that Wes tells us the soul stays in Orion and the spirit goes to the pleroma.

What does that do if a soul no longer has spirit attached?  We have no way of knowing, Is it not best for the soul to be dissolved? After all it is artificial too and has an ego, but more to the point what sort of behaviour and mind set will that be for all of those souls existing in Orion? Are they a group mind complex or do they have individual thoughts and their own autonomy? 

In the realms below this they from my understanding don't have free will and we do not have free will. We seem to be programmed and act accordingly. But may be I misunderstand this. It does pay to be cautious and not accept anything that is presented as truth straight away. We humans do have epiphanies and sometimes they arrive late, so it pays to be reserved.