Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Reality Of The Matrix Controllers

These are the beings that I have problems with. Remember the name the Igigi and my suspecting them to be nasty? Well they seem to be a faction of the Reptilians. 

The blue opalescent beings that I see all the time. OK now you can see the bigger picture. And this is who interact with many psychics and other unenlightened people posing as as angels, friendly ET's and many other disguises. These people are being tricked and manipulated by these nasty entities.

Blissfully unaware most of the time of what is really going on. A small percentage do know and are OK with the situation. They could well be affected by a heavy hypnotic influence and unable to break away from these beings. Therefore they would require help to break away, if that is what they want.
One has to be aware of the situation and the reality first though and there in lies the problem.

Denial is usually the first reaction to this information which is perfectly natural because it shakes a persons world , I know I have been there. One must keep an open mind in these matters and like it or not, this world is in the process of Alien disclosure, it is a carefully rolled out process. Which is on a multi layered system. As we are more educated and are living with advanced technology that was not around 20 years ago for the general public it is necessary to have our society prepared and moved on to the next stage of human affairs.

Alarm bells need to be ringing here, because what is not being told is the truth about these beings. We live on prime real-estate whether you like it of not. We are also a commodity to these beings please do not forget that and of the 250 races that have been admitted to non are benevolent.
People do not want to accept that fact.
Agree to nothing that is proposed to us on behalf of either them , world leaders or anyone.
Many of the high profile  UFO movers and shakers are shills bought and paid for make no mistake about that, and they do play good cop bad cop. They are bank rolled by the same villains at the top.

Like I say people DO NOT want to know the ugly truth.
 People  Do NOT LIKE the TRUTH.

I have seen these  above scumbags too, but they are still the same Reptillians using a hologram to appear as someone different.
Ashtar command, the Galactic Federation of Light and many others. Sure go right ahead and hang out with them, if you think I am mistaken. They will suck the life force out of you. Don't say you were not warned. I am sick to death of having to tell some individuals the truth and they keep on going along with this evil. So be it. 

Mark my words these beings will destroy you when they are fed up with you. Nothing personal, well actually it is. They hate humans, we are but a food source to them in more that one way. 
These beings control everything on earth. Highly destructive evil beings. They do not do compassion at all.  They are also looking for some type of coding or hidden information in our DNA and so far they do not seem to have found what it is they are looking for. It has something to do with the divine fire or essence within every human being.

The New Agers as well as spiritualists are controlled by these beings in a slightly different way to organized religion. But it is all same poop just a different shovel.

Not many readers will accept this and that is due to the matrix control system and the artificial free will programming.

Now looking at the above picture add to this any large public gathering such as rock concerts, political gatherings, church gatherings, riots etc these are used to harvest our energy and emotions to feed from.  
The same deal with Psychic Fairs and Expo's, that is one of a few reasons why you will never see me at these events any more. Add also TV and Radio for energy harvesting. Because your consciousnesses is engaged with  electronic technology all the time you are watching or listening.

Make no mistake about that. And the you have the internet  and modern  phones that use WiFi to access your bodies frequencies and alters them. Now think of 5G and 4G  technology and add Nano technology. You are almost ready to be Borged ( becoming a Cybernetic organism ) by these bastards and your world leaders are on board with this and so is Elon Musk, Steven Greer et all. 

That makes you so easy to control and  will be compliant for the next level. The AI take over and then merge with the Reptilian mind for ever on a huge computer data base. Keep in mind their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours but we are catching up fast and this is being ramped up as we speak. You are giving away your personal power, your soul and your spiritual sovereignty like lambs to the slaughter.

Not only that with all of the turmoil world wide at present including the refugee crisis which is manufactured by this lot you are willingly playing right into their hands. Stop playing the game. They are winning, you are loosing. 

Ascended masters/ Archons You want lies with that ? You can add John of God to the list too.

Just what does it take to make the masses waken up? Actually most wont waken up the programming is too deeply ingrained and the damage is done. There is nothing you can do about this.
It is their choice, please remember that. You must not take on the guilt or shame of an other person. That is very wrong and has been imposed on humanity in the soul trap or beyond life area for millions of years. There is so much manipulation of truth, soul splitting and many other things going on in the beyond life area that humanity needs to know.

Remember the name Anunnaki? This is them.
Same as the Celtic gods and Norse gods, and every other "Gods and Goddesses".

What a great scam on the gullible.

Most people are not paying attention to all the colour coding and symbology in government,  military, advertising, the media, the entertainment industry, Hollywood, etc. All sorts of symbology to go deep into your mind. Subliminal programming and neuro linguistic programming( NLP was invented by the CIA back in 1970s). This all comes from the one source and the receptive humans carry out the work. This guy makes my skin crawl and I feel a similar vibe to Aleister Crowley. Notice in the photo his choice of clothing and the colour. He is saying something right there. (Please read this and learn how to stay safe. Print it off to help yourself.)

 Look at adverts in magazines or your shop catalogs such as clothing, food and electrical goods like phones,fit bits, computers and all things IT and communication. Cloud and so many things to hook you right in. You see all the celebrities roped in and they are being massive amounts of money. But there is more many are involved in dark satanic cults and have sold their souls to the dark side.

This is a very big subject with multiple layers so you must do a lot of reading and researching.
Take the time and effort, this is about your personal well being and safety.

One further thing I want to say here is notice the amount of magic, spells and satanic stuff that is sweeping the planet t present, it is all related to these beings, and 4th dimensional/ inter dimensional and lower dimensional beings. That is one of the main reasons for the Large Hardon Collider in Switzerland. China is also going ahead to build their version. Some "experts" are saying this could open portals to other worlds and this is highly dangerous. They have no idea what they are getting into. Er, I think they do actually. 

UPDATE"  I just found this and the SB meter is swinging wild. I thought this might be relevant with all the stuff that is going on. I have no idea to be honest.