Friday, 7 September 2018

Historic Burnia Homstead

Last Saturday hubby and I went down to Burnima homestead in Bombala NSW. It is about 2 hours south of Canberra and the road down their is a bit hairy I must admit.
 The house is of great historical significance and I would recommend the visit to anyone if they love historical things. It is an old Victorian mansion set on acreage.

I did expect some paranormal activity when I got there and I was not disappointed. The house has some sad history attached to it, but I will leave that for the current owner of the house to impart as part of his guided tour and instead tell you what I saw and felt.

Outside the house itself there are many old sheds, tractors and and other things to see as befitting a house of such standing out in the bush. as I looked around the sheds, I became aware of a little girl in a maroon dress. She looked as if she was from the early 20th century.

I heard her shout to a lady in formal dress, of what appeared to be Edwardian times. She shouted, "What's she doing here?" meaning me. The lady with her told her to be quiet and seemed to understand what was going on. I got the impression that she was telling the girl we can't see them, well except for me.  Young madam was not impressed as this was her garden and property.

We then went indoors to begin the tour. I told Steve Rickets, the owner of the house and our tour guide what I saw. He was most interested as no one had see the child before. I gave here age as around 10 to 12 years old, long light brown hair and blue eyes. Wearing a maroon dress that went down to her mid calf. I didn't pay much attention to her feet, I can only assume she was wearing boots of the time.
The lady was either her mother or a relative, dressed in a light coloured dress which I took to be cream lace. She was a slender lady with light coloured hair. I would put her age as in her early 30's.

I did not have the time or opportunity to further investigate as the tour only lasts an hour in duration.
When we went in to the house I did feel energy hot spots in many rooms, however being in a tour group I could not investigate this further. But that's fine, I was there to view the lovely old house.

The architecture was lovely and very befitting of its time. I had the distinct feeling of time standing still in Edwardian times. Even though it had some modern upgrades in the 1960's including the paintwork. The history lesson was great and I learned a few interesting tips of the era.

We went  all through the servants quarters and work stations and were given a rundown on how life was for them. We were then taken to the men's rooms including billiard room and sitting room, where they all sat to discuss business and talk politics etc. We then went in to the ladies lounge room and observed how they entertained themselves including the art of courtship.

When we went upstairs we looked at the old type bathrooms and bed rooms and the guest bed rooms.
In the main guest bedroom I was astonished to see a woman in labour on the bed. In spirit of course not in the physical world. She was a young dark haired woman, I noticed 3 other women with her and one seemed to be a maid that was assisting. I feel the lady was visiting the house and had gone into labour early. I felt she was married and this was just a thing that can happen to a married woman traveling a long distance in those days without the comfort of modern transport. Perhaps the journey brought on labour, who knows.

This is an example of looking through time lines, where people are going about their lives unaware of other beings occupying the same space as them, but in a different time and dimension. In reality this is just life and we are all separated by the illusion of time and space. I have had many experiences of seeing between time and space and it never ceases to amaze me. Not just from a psychic perspective, but historical  also and seeing people just doing what they are doing in their every day lives.

As a cat lover I had the pleasure of meeting Smudge the cat, who is as it would happen is a Norwegian Forrest cat, and identical to my late Tolstoy. My husband and I were so taken with Smudge and his strong likeness to our Tolly. It was hard to say goodbye to Mr Smudge.

He is definitely a daddies boy, and his dad is very lucky to have him. Weegies as they are fondly known are the most adorable felines that you can meet. Not that I am biased or anything, lol.
I so miss my baby, he is gone 5 years now and I still feel the loss.

 Mr Smudge


I highly recommend a trip to Bombala it makes a great day out and a history lesson too.
Bombala  almost became the capital of Australia, but for some dirty pool as they say.

It would most definitely have been a much cooler climate in summer which I can appreciate.
How ever money talks and all that and hey presto it is Canberra that became the capital city. Don't get me started on that one, there is plenty that I can say but won't lol.

 Wikipedia post gives the blurb on this little town.